Sunday, August 29, 2010

Drama Fall Shines in Rainbow Colors

Jang Hyuk dropped out of Secret Garden.
And here my anticipation ends. I really wanted to see him in it. But since I found the plot somewhat not alluring at all, maybe it's for the better? But Jang Hyuk, don't let me wait too long!
So I need to make another list, and it seems like during my absence, some life-altering drama has been decided.
What stays:  
Daemul (The Substitute) with Ko Hyeon Jeong, maybe because of the plot, maybe because of the leading lady. After seeing her as Mishil, I'm sure she can pull off everything.
Chosun Police 3: because it's a bit period. Plus I really need to shake off Jeong Ho Bin as Munno and see him in another role (I hate, hate, hate Munno!!). First season was the best cause it had Ryu Seung Ryong^^
My Happy Home: Because of Kim Hye Su.
Freedom Fighter, Lee Hoe Young: because I like history, especially fighting for freedom. This drama starts today, has 4 episodes in total.
Athena: Goddess of War: because there is no Lee Byeong Heon in it. This is sufficient.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, two dramas I'm dying to see:
Mischievous Kiss: because I want to teach my furniture some tricks, and maybe when they see another wooden table "acting", they will pick up some? I will not stop mocking Kim Hyeon Jeong, I will not, I say my undying pledge, on my dead cat's honor, on blood of my heart, on mountains of this world, on oceans depths, that may claim me if I do! 
Mary Stayed Out All Night: because it is another idol drama, another stupid, shallow plot, hollow characters, and tons of gyuliner in use. We will get a rock-star (we had a pop-star) that is murky, oops, I meant to write mysterious, saturnine, obscure persona (probably guy, but I guess the subplot will be on his attempt in a sex-change). Damn, I'm so waiting for this. Jang Keunsuk in the main role (probably, nothing's too sure yet, but the plot must appeal to him). Ah, ah, a water for my mill... uhuhu!!