Wednesday, August 04, 2010

My place^^

OK, I have to cool down after watching episode 16. In the meantime, I would like to present some pictures of the close neighborhood I live in. I live in a quite big city, but I decided to put up those pics instead.
I'm not that good in taking pictures, I like it, and I'm developping a more deep feelings towards it, but still I'm not good at it at all.
This park is quite close, about 10 minutes on foot.

 Renaissance palace now serving as a museum, and restaurant. There are wedding parties in 2013 planned even. It's really hard to get^^

I like the pic below. Because of the moat surrounding even a private palace. That is awesome^^

 These were taken while I was going back home and decided to go through some bushes, not along the street (yes, my kitty nature took over^^). I got this view that puzzles me still. Why stairs? In that  kind of place? I have to read, I guess, some more, because my imagination went wild, and I don't believe in any of the explanation it produced. hehe...