Tuesday, August 03, 2010

SEOUL DRAMA Awards 2010

   That's it. They asked for it. I wrote the second mail, this time not asking for clarifications, but demanding the response. Whatever kind of. What are my points?

1. If you plan to go public, make sure "the public" will be entitled to participate in the activities. If they go with online voting, they should THINK about the whole world. You know, the world does not end on Jejudo! They made English version of the website, good, that means it is made for whom? For Koreans that prefer to cast a vote in English website than in Korean? Give me a break! 
And if you went public just to show how good you are with creating a website (yes, you know C++, I see, oh, that's great...) put a big banner reading: NO EUROPE/WORLD. That way we could just back off.

2. If you plan to kill two birds with one stone, it's better to make your oven bigger. Because sometimes the killed bird is not a sparrow as you expected but a herron. Then what? Put it on the stick? If you make a winning lottery of some kind, it's better to give a choice whether someone wants to participate in it and have a chance of winning something or not. I don't care! I don't want to win anything. (On the second thought, let me think... cozy room with a veranda for watching the moon, a bottle of wine (or a box)... not that bad...). I want to vote, for my mental health sake!

3. Stop screwing with Europe! I know, Asian culture and dramas/movies are not the same pulp as Hollywood ones, they are different (what a discovery, come on, I want a Nobel Prize!), and may be not everyone's cup of (green) tea, but hell, there are people who watch them, who love them, who buy them! We decided to give dramas a chance (even me, and I was strongly biased), and we demand the equal treatment! OK, we know, there never be an equal treatment, cause we are here, they are there, but at least try to understand our point of view. Korean fans are disappointed that their actors do not meet them in fanmeetings once a week? Kiss my Western a*s. This is the only answer I got for your whining.

4. At least answer when someone's writing. It's the principle of a good behavior. If not, trust me, sooner or later our wrath be upon you.

Who is now winning? Lee Seung Ki. Good that voting is not for the Best Actor, but for the Most Popular Actor. If it was the former, it's obvious who should win. I had even no idea who Seung Ki was until Baeksang Awards in March. So I watched 5 episodes of Brillian legacy. THIS is the rival of Kim Namgil-nim?? Oh, pleeeze... Just give me a rifle, I wanna shoot some squirrels! And third one is Lee Byung Hun, and if I know my luck, or Kim Namgil-nim's, I'm sure this will turn out bad. I have no idea who's more unlucky even. This doesn't look good.
But with recent scandal of LBH... hehehe... yess, poor, poor boy. The hell I feel pity! I feel no empathy whatsoever.

Update: OK, I got the response, I know everything now. I explained on DA^^