Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Bad Guy: 나쁜 남자 : A Successful Guide on How to Ruin Yourself Before Others

   I don't think I will sleep tonight. Or again, I don't think I will have a nice sleep. OK, lets don't overdramatize, I will sleep anyway. There are two solutions: either Gun Wook fakes or he really went crazy. If it's the first one, and from his last gaze in the end it looks like, I don't wanna see him die tomorrow. I mean, I know they planned it for him, but please, pretty please, kill Mrs. Shin. Yes, please kill that b*tch! If not, I'm available and I will do it for free.
Update after watching last episode: August 5th: Assssssaaaa!!! Let her rot in the worst jail ever!!
I did not expect that kind of ending though.
 I love the man, the more stupid face he makes, the more I love him^^
Run, run, there is a man outside. A bad man, a really bad...

 And Jae In finally realized something. Great, she's so clueless. Damn those women!

And hint on the last Episode:
관장실에 온 신여사는 자신의 목소리가 녹음되어있는 기계를 보고 경악하고, 사라진 건욱의 행방에 두려워한다. 태성과 재인은 건욱을 찾다가 건욱의 집으로 향하고, 태성은 건욱을 애타게 찾는 재인의 마음을 알고는 마음가는 대로 살라며 이별을 고하고 자리를 뜬다. 잠시 후 재인은 건욱의 밀실에서 태라를 마주치고, 태라는 영문을 몰라 재인에게 묻지만 재인은 끝내 대답하지 않고...
In my not so humble opinion it says nothing crucial, but... Jae In finally will come to her true feelings. Eww...