Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Bad Guy: 나쁜 남자 : Pictures

Yes, SBS, I took it from your website. Yes, I learned how to do it just because the right-click doesn't work on your pages. It is all for entertainment purpose and for presenting the outside beauty of one man. Cause he presents his inner beauty himself better than anyone, any description, any picture.
That reminds me...
Keunsuk actually did some benefit photoshoot? "Beautiful eyes"?? I know more beautiful eyes. I know more expressful eyes.
Someone just told him to do that to calm down enraged Westerners? Nope, it didn't help. I still see it as a mere prank. He can say what he wants, but he lost the quality that makes a good actor out of a mediocre one. We don't talk about great actors now, sorry. He was happy to stand in front of camera? Of course we know it, Princess, this is all that makes you happy. So stay there.
And for love of Orion, stay THERE not in some stripping bars where are you heading or stages of Asia.
And I feel like rhyming...
There was this boy, his name was Keun Suk
He always wanted get famous so bad.
For his recent actions wanna hit him with rock
And I returned to my previous lad.

A lad not dressed up like gaysha or clown
A lad not showing his recent fetishes.
A silent one like silence that's close to a dawn
A cheerful one as garden that flourishes.

Umm... I lost my inspiration, song has ended. My daimonion is slacking off lately. He never was so smart anyway...
Nevermind. The pictures I was talking about. So, "why did you put Jae Wook as a head picture?", some may ask, and they will have the right to ask that.
I don't know. Cause it was a vertical picture?

 Damn! And I'm not in the right clothes for a shooting. Jamkkanman...잠깐만...