Sunday, November 09, 2014

"November Has Come"

   Some music for the lovely month of November. This time, I went ballistic, you will have teuroteu, Morrissey and Kpop.
You have been warned.

Something to start this month in a way it should have been done:

 You will never have as elaborated (and drunken) choreo as Morrissey in this video. Never. Ever.

   OK, here's the deal, one of my regularly watched shows, that is Fields of Music, had a lovely and lively episode with trot. They usually have it, but somehow this one episode (1392) from November 3rd, has caught my attention the most. Two names: Yu Jina and Kim Yeonja, those two ladies could fire up the stadium but in total we got 17 songs, also by other artists, so the only thing I could do, would be to link here the whole show.
So, Kim Yeonja for starters, the song is from 1938.

Now Yu Jina. The song is from 1927.

   Now TEI!! After 2 years of bitter drought while he was in military, I expected a full album to serve as his comeback, but whatever, I'll take everything this man sings. Now, this is the same song he sang back in 2006, but the change in his voice is enormous. It's deeper, better controlled, more versatile. Well, despite the fact it's not his best performance still. But I don't care.
You can watch it here cause the embedding was disabled.

   Speaking of changed vocals - our lovely Junsu. He sang a song for Mr. Baek drama and, well, the first lines are sung in such low voice I wasn't sure Junsu could pull off without faltering the tone and line. But he mastered the lower registers! I remember critics nitpicking at his lower notes. Well, Junsu is a hardworking artist and musicals did him good (it doesn't work for everyone, apparently *coughs* Kyuhyun *coughs*). He stabilized those notes and expanded his vocal range.

   I am by far not a specialist on BEAST, I just listen to their songs, so I can't compare between styles. Their new album reminds me of mathematical equation in parenthesis - what's interesting is actually between those. And parenthesis being songs 12.30 and So Hot are clearly made for pop lists and nothing more. They are decent, well composed, upbeat, but nothing spectacular, but 좋은 일이야, 눈을 감아도 and to some extend 가까이 (Stay) show how much talent this group has.
So, the best song for me, pure R'n'B in the old style, early 2000's:

   2AM released new album and well, it's very 2AM-y. Every member has even a solo song, so yeah, as we could all guess Jo Kwon has the only dancing beat here. Jinwoo has more rockish song (준비), Changmin mellow medium tempo (찜했어) and Seulong a jazzy ballad (loveskin). The album bases on what 2AM does the best - vocal harmonies and
The best song? it's clearly the intro.

Epitone Project was on Yu Heeyeol's Sketchbook and I'll give you their (cause it's a project) well known song 나는 그사람이 아프다:

   Also, my other beloved music show - Immortal Song 2. This time, a group called Biker Landscape/or Scenery of Riding Bicycle (don't ask) and song called Wedding Cake. I LOVE IT!!! But KBSKPop block the embedding so WATCH it here! They are a regular on IS2.

   And now something growling for Ara, dearest :) No Brain & Crying Nut live. It's not everyone's cup of booze, so if you don't like noise, don't click on THIS LINK. But they are funny bunch, so just click and watch the awesome bass player!
   Now an oldie but a goodie. The Bank. Inspired by our lovely Dj Jonghyeon, I went to explore this projects of yore. And I really liked what I heard^^