Tuesday, November 11, 2014

But at "The End Of The Day"...

...it all comes to Jonghyeon.
Bow down, nations.

   There is one nice feature throughout the song and I had to put it on loop to hear it. He starts the song much, much lower than he ends it and when putting the song on loop, it does bring a stark contrast.
Plus, he really improved on airy high notes, which I usually hate (vide my violent relationship with "Hello").
It's a nice ballad, beautiful, haunting lyrics. This time the music is not hypnotic, looping the listeners into the dense, warm and impossible to escape labyrinth of fugues. This time it's only piano and him.
One section in music does remind me of one passage in my God's song, but that's all more of the reasons to love it.

Just in case YT won't work: