Wednesday, March 20, 2013

For f*ck's sake, just don't swear!

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   I love Knetizens because I always liked stories about insanity, creepiness and in overall The Fall of Ushers. They are consistent in fact - they can never, ever let you down in category of "let's ridicule ourselves. Again". So if anything happens in Kfandom funky world - check comments and your world will soon become brighter. Well, brighter than K-ent anyway. (pun intended).

   With latest Jinki "middle finger scandal", I'm having kinda field day. Both from Knetizens and shawols, to tell the truth. I also learned a valuable lesson - that showing a middle finger may cause world to collapse and activate nuclear weapons around the world. That's a horrible crime and Jinki should be hanged. Or better - torn apart by horses. So that Heavens' Order will be restored!

   My favorite coment is by far: "With public figures acting like this, what will our youth learn..." (no, it's a real comment, seriously).
I'm a little bit confused but I thought it's parents' responsibility to teach their kids the proper behavior, right? Well, if you see your kid once a week, you don't have anything to say in that matter, because not having proper social introduction by parents, the kid will pick up behavior as he/she sees around. In that convoluted way I want to say that - don't blame idols when you screw up parenting, OK?
I watched tons of violent movies yet I didn't kill anyone, I didn't steal anything. 
Plus, ALL people swear. ALL.

  Second problem is - fix your schools, Korea. I think bullying and ultra-fierce competitiveness is more of a problem than some idol wearing "welcome motherf*ckers" hat or showing the finger, right? But as always, it's easier to target such things and make a mountains out of molehills than address real issues that may take lots of efforts, will, money and years.

   Shawols are idiots too, "oppa didn't mean it" gets kinda old. No, oppa meant it, deal with that.

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