Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring in Dramaland

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 If anyone has allergy to Kpollen, well, annoying times approach. You better have your meds and tissues.
Last season was somehow dry for Kdrama. I dropped almost all dramas that started airing last year or at the beginning of this one, with the exception of Missing You, which, although being a happy trainwreck from around ep 15, managed to clutch me tight within its grip and I genuinely anticipated what the next episode will bring. 
But spring season looks quite promising (all pinky and fluff and petals, I will explode with kawaii soon).

   I do realize we have snow these days, but that's just one of March' charms - one day +20 degrees, and the next one jingle bells.

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   I'm really excited for one period drama, produced by jTBC, which probably means no subs like with Queen Insu, but this also means gorgeous colors and technical details. The drama's title is Cruel Palace and according to "This drama depicts a cruel hidden story within the royal court.
It about the story of the beautiful but evil heart Royal Concubine Jo So Yong (Kim Hyun Joo) who controlled the power of the Joseon." During King Injo's reign (1623–1649) and with Crown Prince Sohyeon (1612-1645).
Some keen lovers of period dramas may stop here and ask, wait a minute (said with Craig Fergusson's Snail voice), you said Crown Prince Sohyeon? Yes, my dear readers, the same that our honorable general Tae Ha wanted to rescue (Chuno, ebbrybodi) and wo died in some very murky circumstances after coming back from China.

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   All About My Romance - well, Shin Hakyun explains it all. The man without a scalpel this time and this fangirl can watch this drama without any restraints! There will be some politics, some romance, as both of the protagonists come from different parties and this cruel background forces them to keep the relationship as secret. Well, there's nothing in this world as secret so I bet some spilling will ensue.

If Heo Jun is going to be subbed, I'm on board too, although 120 eps might be a little hard. Still, looks interesting enough.

   Also, the movie Man Operating Manual - if the title doesn't promise hilarity, I know nothing on meringues, I swear! Plus, Lee Siyoung who has disarming charms (and probably disarming counter-punches as well), add Oh Jeong-sae to it and we'll get a nice combo of two charming half-wits.

   There is a rumor about Namgil-nim coming back to the small screen, but those are so far "propositions" and "talks" and so on, so no confirmation so far, and I bet no drama until at least June. Although with crazy way Koreans shoot their dramas, we may never know, one Monday we can get the info that in two weeks his drama hits the screens. But since such rumor breeding ground as DC Gall didn't report anything, I guess we have to wait. And some of their reports and "photos" are fake so...

   What I'm watching now and will continue unto the Spring and more? Those visible at the side panel, mainly my days are infected with TWdramas (and some others), and now enjoying to the point of obssession King Flower because it's nothing as it seems. Not that I don't enjoy insane and hilarious dramas, no I do. I never boasted any unique and sophisticated taste. I enjoy what I enjoy (how profound, right? Blaise Bascal is probably ashamed now) and don't care about anything. After finishing Black And White which quickly became one of my most favorite dramas ever (not only Asian), I managed to fully jump into other dramas, like said King Flower and the one that started lately that is Borrow Ur Love. There came another one, Happy 300 Days.

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   I have to write it - King Flower disturbs me a great deal. At first we have a weird situation when a happy couple gets a blow with bride-to-be being on the verge of death after the accident in the mountains. Then the whole plot follows - and thanks to plastic surgery and 2 million TW dollars, a girl who resembles her slightly, starts to resemble her fully. On the outside. On the inside - well, plastic surgery doesn't change personality that much. This solution was meant to be only temporary yet bride-to-be dies. Although her fiancé wanted to tell the truth, the situation turned into some one-way-tunnel-only road way down. What disturbs me? Well, a person died, a very important person, someone's daughter, to add. What happened to the body? Will it be kept in hospital's morgue for years? The sudden burden of lies, tragedy and keeping the appearance has suddenly fallen upon our protagonist, Terry, and he has to face his dead fiancée's father with a girl posing as his fiancée... If this gets exposed (and plot suggests that will be quickly), I sense jail or some other punishment. If there is any worse punishment like the state Terry is right now. 
Waiting one week for next episode as well.

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    Borrow Ur Love is a fast-paced show, it does have hilarious moments, like this motorbike riding, yet main lady talks a little bit too much a little bit too loud. Oh well, I take it as her personality, and even kidnappers were annoyed so they stuffed her with some glove. Yet the end of ep 1 gave us dark undertone. Our protagonist, quirky begonia-loving MacGyver was just released from prison where he went for... his friend's crime. Both of the men know that and that's actually what I like. The hilarity of balcony-escaping as well. Not to mention bow-knot phobia. In order to get their friends to be together, this pair of hot-headed dimwits will pretend to be a pair, and as we may already foresee, with time they realize that pretending leads nowhere and maybe it's time to get serious, caw caw.

About Happy 300 Days I can't say much as it just started, but it doesn't look all that happy at all. We have 4 people, one pregnant girl who was left and three men, each eascaping from their own problems. They will all offer their protection to the girl (which I find a nice topic in a show, because in real life guys have problems with loving not their kids. I always liked this motif in any series) with their own motives to do that.And my (our, hay friends^^~~) motive would be Kingone Wang, but let's say it's for the plot.