Friday, March 01, 2013

Cactus by Namstar and Lucia

   I like Epitone Project because I like slow songs too (OK, I lied, I love slow songs). Wuhyeonnie and Lucia covered one song of his (because it's one man project in general), mainly 선인장 (Cactus). In original, the vocal belonged to Cha Sejeong (차세정). This version is in slightly more upbeat r'n'b tempo. And even though it was that hoarse voice of Wuhyeon I fell in love with, his soft rendering is really, really well done.

Still, I have the impression our greasy boy is somewhat restrained while singing. I still remember Immortal Song 2 and his first song, sung in a way as if it was his first live ever, at first unsure and shy, but eventually he exploded by the middle of it so...

What I mean to say: this nuna is proud!! *sheds a tear*

And here is the video, you may click on CC button to see Eng subtitles.