Monday, August 13, 2012

It's just airport. Korean way.

   The year 2012 is most certainly sponsored by letter "F". Like fandoms, freaks and few other words starting with "f" I'm not supposed to write in the first sentence.
After reading this article (well written for a change), I realized that blaming only fandoms or only managers is just stupid. We should also blame artists themselves for being idiots. Oh we know their managers are lazy and greedy, they care little about those idols yet care a lot about the revenue those are generating. It never occurred to them that with fandoms becoming more and more violent, idols need some devil's invention like bodyguards maybe? So that no one would go through to slap an idol or grab him by the head. It's an insane situation, yet it stands still because no one cares to do anything.

   Managers are at fault, fandoms are hugely at fault. It fails me to understand what those hysterical teenage kyaagirls try to achieve. They think that by grabbing, touching and shouting one inch from their idols' face they will be remembered and instantly fall in love and start making perfect babies? What I understand is the fun from meeting your idol, I trully do. But the person we "wuuuv" so much is a... well - a person. A human being. So he/she deserves to be treated like one. Not like a thing that can be shared (*a moment for gutter, excuse me*), pushed around and groped. No one likes that. If some stranger touched us on subway or bus - most likely we'd punch them in a face or sue for harrassment. But somehow that double logic works in idols' case. They can be groped because of reasons, right? Cause they are not "usual folks". I don't remember reading about people "groping" their gods anywhere. This is what "idolize" came from, ultimately. If we like someone, we respect someone (I have a twisted logic sometimes). We don't show respect by pushing, pulling, grabbing, shouting and shoving cameras up someone's face. But it's probably me and my good ol' fandom tradition. New roaring viscious fandoms I abhorr.

   But here's the thing. Idols are at fault too. I know they try to appear "more than human", they behave politely and they can reason every insane behavior of their fans (the ultimate example being Yunho who even defended the one who tried to poison him, but well), but for mic's sake, this is exactly what fandoms need - an excuse from idols. 
I can't see the reason why any given singer/actor can't say "I don't like this behavior, die, please stop!". Instead, they just find reasons to justify fans' behavior. They broke into your house, took shower and used your towels? Oh, but they love us, they are dedicated, maybe slightly more obsessed, fans.
Nope, cinderella, they are criminals. Any other person would get arrested for that. Oh yeah, in any normal country, I forgot.

   I don't get why idols have to apologize for and to cray cray fangirls. So, those idiotic girls pushed, pulled and almost stomped some people to death at the airport? An idol takes the blame on himself/herself, because... well yeah, because of what? Ta-dah! Being there. And how come it's the idol's fault that agency didn't hire any bodyguards, that agency doesn't use back exits in such places? It's not their fault fangirls don't think. Plus, an airport is a public space. Public space is not the same as concert.
I don't like idols apologizing for every single thing that may "offend" fangirls. Fangirls don't own them, and none of them ever will. They fell in love? Hoards of fangirls demand an apology for "betraying them". And how on looney moon that qualifies as betrayal? Fangirls are not flesh-and-blood to any idol. They are waves at concerts and digits behind album sales, that's all. The worst thing is - idol apologizes for being in love (oh, hay, Jjong^^) as if he/she committed the most heinous crime ever in the Galaxy. Ermahgerd!
I, for once, always wait for news about some idol in love. And I'm always so damn happy for any of them. My happiness feeds on bloody tears of betrayed fangirls too. I just like to watch them suffer.
They should stop saying "I'm sorry" for everything. Maybe that would teach retardic fangirls that idols are just humans.

   To sum up, the sick situation within and around the fandom - idol line is not only one side's fault. Law in Korea doesn't punish sasaengs, doesn't punish what some of them did. So law is in fault too (*suddenly one episode of SNL pops in my head and intro song "...I wanna be against the law. Jude Law that is!", Nevermind*).
I'd like to read about an idol saying that it's not fans f*cking problem whom he/she meets. I'd like to see idols not apologizing because some fangirls hurt others while trying to reach the sleeve of their "soulmate forever and ever". I'm not sorry for any hurt girl at such event. She got what she deserved well. And some deserve being punched in the face.

   Oh yeah, but I'm a violent Westerner. Somehow I can live with that.