Thursday, August 09, 2012

You have Answer to 1997?

   Let me say one thing first - I worship tvN and their dramas. I don't know how they do it, but they can bring freshness, originality, boldness and ideas main stations are shy of. I'm not saying other broadcasts don't try, but since tvN is a cable one - it has a lot more of freedom. And uses it wisely. Last year's I Need Romance's ending disappointed me, but one drama doesn't make the exception a rule. And the rule is - tvN can make series.

   At first I was a bit reluctant although after seemless ending of I Love Italy I was sure that sooner or later I would watch this. And damn me if I didn't. That would be the hugest mistake this year. 
I watched first two episodes raw few days after they were out, but since the action is set in Busan, I just stared happily not understanding the accent, but appreciating everything else.
Visually and technically this drama is gorgeous, the shooting is meticulously done, the angles and camera work is just perfect. Everyone is doing their best too, all of the actors there are natural, the older ones and the young ones (to all Hoya fans - he's not bad, not bad, actually he's far better than his "acting" friend from the group, won't mention any names *ekhem*. Plus, I really, really didn't know Seo Inguk could act that well).

   It's not the school drama, despite my early fears, they are 18, so just about to finish the school and start new life. And this drama is about this, about transition to another stage of your life.
We have bunch of friends who meet 15 years after graduating and their talk travels back and forth - to 1997 and present day.
This is an interesting way of intertwining the plots - there is no main, chronological line in this drama, we just jump from 2012 to 1997, and even when we're in 1997, we jump few hours back and ahead. It may be confusing at first, but I personally love this.

   Main character is a fangirl in her prime, a positive fangirl of H.O.T. (ah, Kangta sshi^^) mainly of Tony. And you know, while watching her, it's kind of a weird feeling I'm having. Back then we, fangirls, were really excited about the interview in a magazine (Europe had Bravo and Popcorn), or appearance on TV. The culture of fangirling was different then, the concerts were different, lot of those who attented the concert just enjoyed, sang and danced, but not recorded all with high-tech dslr cameras. Somehow that fresh fangirling is long gone. She has a friend who was also fangirling, but was less faithful and in 2012 is described to be even the fangirl of Infinite (which I found a hilarious metatext).

   But it's not a drama about fangirling either. Although talking to posters and crying over ripped ones is a familiar experience to me. I'm glad I lived in such times without computers and high technology kids are having nowadays. I had radio instead. It's not a drama about school problems, and it's not even a drama about pains of growing up. It has all these and even more.

   I also laud tvN efforts and their courage to put a gay character there. I bow down before Woolliment they agreed on that and I laud Hoya for taking this as his debut role. Imagine - your oppa playing a gay character! Right now, Hoya secured place in mah fangirl hart (which is, btw. very very spatious).

Plus, the frog chase was pure masterpiece. 

I'm not going to convince anyone, but I think you should give this drama a chance. I may hate KBS for what they've done to JYJ, but damn, KBS2 always had good dramas, and tvN as well. tvN has one advantage - freedom that KBS doesn't have, but damn, damn, Answer to 1997 is so far one of the best in 2012 (and it has Delispice in OST, Delispice!!!).

   I don't like giving recommendations because usually I love the drama other people find an utter crap and vice versa. I guess our appreciation (or lack thereof) depends on our own personal experience and attitude.  I may like this-and-this drama because it resonates with some of my emotions.

So yes, I do have an answer to 1997 - those were damn great days!!