Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Kpop haz it

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   The first half of 2012 had its share of scandals and rumors and bad things that were going around (JYJ controversy), but second half of 2012 started with a bang. We all know K-entertainment is a place where even Rambo would have difficulties to survive, and every now and then we are bombarded with news related to this-and-this group or singer. Oh, 2012 is a good year.
Better people than me wrote about the latest T-drama, and since I don't even listen to them or follow them, I was watching the unfolding series from the sideways.

   The case of bullying is a very tentative topic. We always feel pity to the victim, but we don't question why the person was bullied. Some are prone to be - because they're weak, because of some physical inconvenience that makes them an easy target. Or maybe because they're bitches who get on the nerves of people? The reasons are many, but we, spectators from afar, we have absolutely no scoop to inside of the mess.
   T-ara incident of bullying one member, Hwayoung, went out of proportion. Fans (or rather anti-fans of the group) formed a cafe called T-jinyeo (ref. to Tajinyeo, unfamous Tablo scandal that ended up in his favor), meaning "demanding truth about T-ara". Hwayoung was kicked out from the group and of course hell broke loose. Some tweets appeared pointing out that other members of the group were verbally bullying Hwayoung. If I remember right, two other members of this group were also bullied before, but no one made it into such an astronomical size. Of course bullying is a big problem, it affects the young idiots who treat them idols as walking gods and goddesses and absolute authority, so it shouldn't be swept under the carpet. The way CEO of Core Content Media dealt with that was hideous, but I do think there is more to it than we can see. 

   I have no problem with that, although it's socially affecting. I already know what kind of place K-entertainment is. I know how groups are formed, regardless of personal preferences and likes. And so we get a group of bitches who simply can't live together. Due to misunderstanding, Key and Minho (I think) didn't talk to each other for 2 years before their debut. It happens. The problem is when members of the group can't or don't want to overcome the differences and difficulties. I don't believe DBSK were all unicorns and rainbows. But they worked somehow. Up to the point. 

   My only problem with that is from another angle - Eunjeong's upcoming role in the drama Five Fingers. My problem is with Jihun also appearing there as the lead. I don't want any of his comebacks marred in a scandal. Yes, that's an overprotective blanket I'm putting on this man, but he's been through hell, he's still banned by some broadcasts, so such scandal is the last thing this drama needs. This is why my first thought was that it probably would be better if Eunjeong wasn't in this series. But after some thinking, I realized that there's no smoke without fire. 
We just can't see the fire.

Let's see and wait how this is going to turn out.