Friday, May 13, 2016

Hong Kwangho - Update

I bet this gentleman wrote my name in his notebook, cause with each performance I die a little bit. I've wanted to post a video or two for months, but had no time or just other stuff accumulated and I couldn't manage to write one, short post. I'm a disgrace of a fan, I know. But... it's so great to see new channels popping up on YT rotating solely around this wonderful man (like recent star star). The hunt for his performances has become a lot easier than before. Also, Korean musicals are being released as albums with songs and that is also a thing to rejoice upon. He also released a live album with his songs from a concert. However the possibility to actually buy them is another story...

While preparing a presentation on Korean musicals, I decided I finally have some hour to spare to post few links to just a few performances. *fangirl alert!* Of course, Mr. Hong outshines everyone. There is no doubt about that. It is known.
He's now appearing in the musical Laundry, that gave us beautiful, albeit short, solo song of his - Goodbye.

Let's start with his solo song for the Death Note, then...

How about his earlier musical, Notre-Dame de Paris, where he played Quasimodo.

Song is titled God, How This World is Unfair (also called The World All Wrong):

Probably my favorite song of his from this musical. It reaches right into your heart and rips it apart.

This song, Belle, is sung by three actors: Quasimodo : Hong Kwangho /Frollo: Choi Mincheol / Phoebus : Kim Seongmin

Dance My Esmeralda: