Monday, September 15, 2014

Wake Me Up When...

    ...Koreans get their priorities right. Oh well, let's not be biased, let's say - when fandoms get their priorities straight, because what's been happening in September in our lovely Hallyuland, can turn a normal person into a raging Hulk within 0.00000001 sec.
September is an eventful month in this particular world. Kdrama-llama land may be barren and boring for months but when events start to happen, it's a deluge.

   I will start from the most tragic news this month that is the fatal accident that claimed the lives of two members of a girl-group Ladies' Code and their manager. Kpop fandom was shocked but somehow Kpop world was less shocked. It might sound insensitive but I wonder how many groups thought that it's one out of their way in this tough industry? Ladies' Code weren't much popular, so the media coverage wasn't also that much hyped. Now, if it was some other huge group, I wonder what the reaction would look like. The calls to change the safety measures? The calls to change the driving laws? I admit, I heard about Ladies' Code only earlier this year when Jonghyeon visited other radio studio and was fed by Risae, who passed away in this accident. But of course as every normal human being I was saddened by the young death.
   Some fangirls however started to express their relief that "it wasn't their oppa". Words fail me to express the depth of their dumbassery about this. Are they THAT insensitive? Were their amygdalas surgically removed in infancy? Or are they just plain dumb and life needs to slap those idiots hard in the face so they realize how bottomlessly dumb they are? After the funerals new "brilliant" comments appeared: "oppa looks so good in suit". I won't comment on this.
But I had to comment on some kyaagirls comments stating that "last weeks were full of tragedies in Kpop: accidents, death, injuries, dating..." (not word-for-word, paraphrasing a bit, you get my meaning). Yes, they actually INCLUDED idols' dating as "tragedy". Astounded, I even asked how come a happy love can be counted as one, I was given the answer: because it causes fans' suffering. Next time you fall in love, dear readers, be aware you're causing a massive depression wave, suicidal tendencies and cathartic experience among everyone around.

   Then we had two huge scandals blowing (nomen omen) through social media. First one was the physical assault Kim Hyun Joong was accused of. To make things short: his now ex-girlfriend ended up in hospital with broken ribs. All was supposedly "playful behaviour". Fine. His agency (I don't believe it was him) issued an apology today and of course tumblr exploded in twofold. Condemnation, which is understandable in such case, cause he admitted in the statement to beating up his girlfriend, and of course "we will stand by KHJ for ever and ever cause he apologized!". Meanwhile another scandal surfaced involving Lee Byung Hun and GLAM member - Dahee. They met, talked and turns out, Dahee (and one model too) were accused of blackmailing LBH and she's facing 5 years in prison for that. I am not the brightest person when the law is involved, but I have few doubts. To blackmail someone, one needs to have something shameful, unpleasant or threatening, right? That makes me wonder what the girls had on LBH they decided on that. Not condoning this, it was a stupid and bad move from them as well, kind of very low, but the content of this blackmail remains a secret. Then we have 5 years in prison if she's found guilty. And beating up a person to the point of "playfully" broken ribs is solved with one letter schmetter.

   Meanwhile, what set me off the most in comparison, was what happened over the weekend. Jonghyeon was the guest on Infinity Challenge radio hosted by HaHa and, since they know each other well, they behaved just the way friends behave, a little teasing, a little tongue-in-cheek cheeky talk. And as it happens every few months - Jonghyeon was called arrogant and rude. Just because he didn't tremble in awe in front of his GOOD FRIEND on air.
I couldn't care less what dumb I- and K-shawols (yes, I wrote that) think of him, whether they find him arrogant, dumb and rude. I was pissed mostly by his apology for his behaviour. Yes, Jonghyeon issued an apology for this. What hit me (wahahaha, OK, bad joke) most - was the fact that few hours after reading his apology, I read that KHJ's agency issued an apology letter for his physical assault. So my Jjong apologized for some nonsensical thing and KHJ's agency apologized for a damn crime he committed. Fandoms, please, insert a peanut into your skulls so that finally there will be something there, OK? Jonghyeon's been apologizing every fucking time somebody thinks he's not fitting the docile and sheepish image of an idol. He's been crying and apologizing for years and I'm angry. Jjong is vocal, he has his own mind and heart, he's a rebel with a cause and he's more sensitive than any raw nerve. 
This triggered also my other side - even if his behaviour was arrogant - SO FUCKING WHAT?? He can. He is entitled to it. One can be arrogant, prideful if this one person has any talent to back it up. It's Jjong we're talking about. OK...

That's why I'm issuing an apology letter as well.

Dear Twitter friends,

I'd like to apologize for my cruel, rude, aggressive and arrogant behaviour on Twitter. I thought since we've been friends for years, I could joke with you, call you whores and threaten you with sending you poisoned cookies. I thought posting nekkid men was not offensive. I thought posting my favorite music and pics was not seen as rude and oppressive, but now I know how wrong I was! (damn my eyes!)...

Oh well, go to hell where you belong!!
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