Thursday, August 21, 2014

7 Deadly Sins

   This is probably the most shocking, politically incorrect, disgusting and heavy thing I have watched in 2014. This 20-something minutes per episode show will not triumph at Emmy's Awards. Or maybe it will, who am I to judge?

   First outrageous episode was on "Gluttony". The perverse idea that fuels the whole show was clearly visible here. It's not about morals anymore, it's not about biblical sins or anything. It's about losing any behaviour inhibitor that make us human.

   What blows the disgust factor to the humongous size is the fact it's done in a realistic way, in documentary style. After the first episode I decided to continue with this series wherever it will take me. No matter how incorrect, abhorrent, weird and foul territories it wants to visit. Having said that, I'm not praising this series because I still have no idea what's the point of it or maybe it's just "art for the art" and nothing more?

The Official Website is here.
And the preview: