Monday, March 03, 2014

March Music

After cursing to 10th generation, I started using different browser and until I fix problems with the previous one, I'll be posting using this. I stumbled upon some nice music all alone, since my work prevents me from listening to uri DJ on Blue Night (worry not, I manage to listen to the program nevertheless, nothing with mah baby can escape me!)

Some nice music, starting from the very waving, usual song, which somehow managed to escape "boring" category.
Kenji Wu Ke Qun 吳克群:

   Haphazardly, I found Yang Pei-an (Roger Yang)'s newest album "Beast in the Dark (沈睡的野獸) which is AWESOME. This 42 years-old rock singer (debuted at 35) has a unique ability to drop the next sound few tones lower than the previous, which makes a very interesting singing effect. And unlike most of the albums, the fastest songs are at the end of it, starting from "Nothing But The End". Not sure which song is my favorite, probably "The Shortest Love" (最短的愛情) but the whole album is worth listening to.

Title song:

And Nothing But The End:

I swear, if our Tax&Customs office withhold this album next time when I order it, I'll start some riots.
Except for the talent, man is smoking hot.
I became an ardent fan!

I rarely, or almost never post western soundtracks here, but the latest that caught my ear would be for the movie "Limitless" by Paul Leonard-Morgan, especially tracks Hiring Eddie, Lindy Chase and Trashed Hotel. It's similar technique as to the one of Henry Jackman - to use usual instruments but with modern/upbeat/techno rhytm. The mixture is very dynamic. The overall sound may sound repetitive, yet enetertaining.

This is Hiring Eddie:

Lim Changjeong committed first time to OST and that would be... tadaaaam! Chun's drama (suck it, other actors' fandoms), 3 Days:

Lim Chang Jung (임창정) - Goodbye - Three Days OST Part 1

Jo Jeonghee - Now and Forever (I Need Romance 3 OST):

This makes me want to watch this drama. *prays for no INR ending*

林憶蓮 Sandy Lam 《喜樂》MV

I didn't know her earlier, she's one of those random YT wanderings I perform once a week. But she sounds nice.

Well, you don't pass the title like Peppermint Chocolate indifferently, right? Right? Actually, you don't pass mint choco AT DAMN ALL!!

OK, SM The Ballad album is a huge disappointment as for me, but whatever, it's this nuna's obligation to post her boy's song. Even if he can do better.
And curse Taeyeon to eternity (oops, I slipped) and beyond. Twice.

And here's our Emperor Jonghyeon with some irrelevant minion from EXO: