Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hellish Helix Overview

      I'm going to write more about Kdrama the moment I will have some more time, don't worry. This time, Occidental shows.
Yes, I do continue The Mushiteers known as The Musketeers, for reasons unknown. I'm surprised the screenwriter actually gave out her name, because the show is such amount of crap it astounds even me, a faithful admirer of crap movies such as Mega Shark ver. Giant Octopus

   Around episode 4, I realized I watch a show that has NOTHING in common with my beloved characters and novel, so I decided to stick around and have it as my "so drunk yet not sleepy, oh helpmegods" show. In two last episodes Athos showed some faint and washed out resemblance to the smart, brave and gentle character he was, but other than that - boredom. True, I don't pay any damn attention to other characters. And the actress playing Milady is not attractive. At all.

      Anyway, I stumbled upon the show which has stolen good hours of my life lately. Helix. It is a mixture of all movies and series lately, dealing with viruses, epidemics and... well, kind of zombies as well.
A group of CDC scientists is "invited" to the Arctic secret base where an accident took place.

   The plot is dense, so I don't want to spoil anything. But we have to deal not only with two strains of viruses: NARVIK 1 and 2, but also with corporation's pressure, infected vectors who don't act like mindless beasts but can twist every opportunity for their own benefit, army trained assassins, tests on humans, blond bitches wrecking havoc on everything around and some genetically mutated (??) race amounting to 500 beings wanting to wipe out the humanity.
For all Japan lovers out there - yes, it's Hiroyuki Sanada in one of the main roles, playing some mysterious character, acting really weird at times.

Don't get too attached to the lady on the left.
   Every series has its plot-holes. However, as long as I anticipate the next episode, it's fine with me. I care about the characters. And I realized I do care about the characters, maybe not the first plan ones, but it's always something.
And I'm waiting for Fridays so impatiently, knowing the series is only 13 episodes long and we had 11 already.

   I like to attach myself to one character and cheer for him/her during the show. At first, I thought I'd like Mjr. Sergio Balleseros (obviously, he's military, I'm easy like that), but after a short while my most cherished person became Daniel Aerov (above). Sergio has some redeeming qualities (orgasmic green eyes), but other than that, he's just started to act like a human being in last 2 episodes. I still want to see Daniel (Miksa) beating the crap out of him.

Don't be fooled - he'd kill you if he'd found the right time.
   I'd be fine if it was "just" the virus, and maybe Hatake experimenting on children, but somehow the subplot of those "500 Immortals" ruined the feel I had for this show. I like it nonetheless. Because of Daniel, and of course Sergio's slow turning into a human being again.
   I do get it where the criticism comes from - it connects to the real science only barely. But sometimes I like to enjoy the show not paying attention to everything. It's not the damn documentary. And most people can't differentiate between DNA and RNA anyway, so... It's a series made by SyFy channel, I enjoy the mystery and human element in it.

   But to be fair, a friend of a friend of mine who works at some virus center said she enjoys the show as well, despite it being all but scientific.
I don't mind anything. As long as Daniel and Sergio are alive.
There is also a very specific usage of music in this show, especially with the ending scenes. One terrible one was putting together Buddy Holly's "Raining in my Heart" with a horrible scene of vectors sprinkling the survivors with infected blood through the fire alarm. It's kind of a staple now for the show to contrast the nice, safely sounding song with horrible scenes (and here I immediately thought of one Holocaust themed movie which used such technique, as well as Supernatural series using Do You Love Me in one of the most twisted episodes).

And my last rant about other show:
If AMC don't reunite them, I'll start rioting.

Two more eps and my heart bleeds already. Show, why??

   After the pilot episode of Believe, I'm not impressed. Off to see the second episode, because the producers of Fringe may create another nice show.