Monday, March 24, 2014

I'm Unique. Like Anyone Else...

   Having read tons of books on human behaviour, cultural patterns, language and anthropology makes it easier for a person to see patterns and set a distance between you and things you observe. I always talk with students about stereotypes, because it's fun and, surprisingly, educational. However, without the right tools to do that, the talk about stereotypes can turn into: a) bashing, b) nonsense, c) personal opinion based on one (1) person's view. Anyone who heard anything about sociology knows that one person's opinion is worth less than a toilet paper (on the second thought... no, wait...)
We had this talk about overfloated individualism lately.

   I never intended this blog to be a highly and mighty "only I'm right" type of blog. It's an outlet for personal (hence absolutely irrelevant for the whole world) opinions, views and... yes, and fangirling. I do fangirl, I'm not ashamed of it. Those who have no real life may condemn my behavior as "shallow". The hell with them! My real life (cause I have it) is hectic, serious and suffocating enough, I don't need to constrain myself to "all things serious". What I love, other people may find worthless. It's OK. I find their loved things worthless too, so yes, the Universe stays in equilibrium at least!

    I mentioned few times how much I hate "Is it only me who..." kind of statement. I have no idea where people get the notion they are the only ones in doing something. Lately I heard some student saying she's probably the oldest Kpop fangirl in my country, cause she started before DBSK split. I checked, she's 24. I wanted to say: "Oh hon, I could have named few Korean artists even before you were at tender age to pass your junior school exams", but then I remembered there are people who are into this mess longer than I am, so I said nothing.
People who say "Am I the only one who doesn't like beans?" are shortsighted egotists. Yes, there are over 7 frakkin' billions of people and some numbnut asks such question! Of course, you're the ONLY one, sweetie. Here are some candies to lower your ego, take a handful at first.

   As my good friend Jubi pointed out - if we were nitpicking, we wouldn't bother with Kdrama. Or any other. But people have some satisfaction from bashing things other like just to show their superior taste. "Oh yes, you can like it, it suits your taste, it's for you. I, however, I'm few levels higher and such things don't fill my high standards and taste." In short: this dumb thing suits your dumb taste. I'm better.
Sometimes, after a hard day, I don't need life-depicting truer-that-true portrayal of relationships, society and politics. Sometimes I just want fairy tale. I want abs, I want cute cuddling and fondling. Does it mean I'm less cultured, less enhanced as others? Even if it's true, I don't care. I have a real life, I don't need to replay it on my screen. (<fangirl mode on> although some replay of cute words is always nice. Always<fangirl mode off>)
And then there is "Am I the only one watching this?"... yes, of course you are...

   Why am I even writing such post? Maybe to whine a bit? Maybe to pinpoint one of the problems of modern people? Maybe to point out that describing drama through one-dimentional, limited personal experience does not qualify as hermeneutics?
That doesn't mean you have to murder people to know how a killer behaves. However, it would be good to know love to notice the subtle changes love can induce in characters.