Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New Taiwan Releases

   William Wei has released new album yesterday. There are also new releases by Stefanie Sun and Joanna Wang. Few days ago I wrote that, so far, Roger Yang's "Beast in the Dark" is the best musical album of 2014 and this still stands. However my longtime affinity to Weibird makes my heart easy to embrace his release. 
And his album is weird.

   First, Stefanie Sun. The diva returned after 2 years with a very personal album Kepler. My curiosity was positively stimulated and of course I thought about Kepler's laws of planetary motions at first, but as I read, the name refers to the Kepler-22b, an extrasolar planet.
First then, the title track with a beautiful MV.

She has this kind of voice that easily can make me feel my innermost emotions, she can reach right into it without much effort.
However, my favorite track is not the title one. I like other songs on the album, but since it's hard to find those who were not released as singles, all you have to do is find full album and listen to it.

Next song from the same album: "Angel's fingertips":

OK, some other songs:

And my favorite, very broad-sounding (on my system, somehow this YT version is flattened):

And William Wei's 有所畏, actually whole album is nice. It's very different from his previous works, multi-genred, having some rockish songs, and some military marches as well (track 3: 金銀島 feat. MATZKA), plus vocalisations with little music support, ethnic/folk motives (last track: 曙光). With some nice choruses in track nr 10: 相信誰.

The first single from this album:

 And another single:

But since YT doesn't have any other songs from this album, I can't link any other songs except for those two. I advise you to find it somewhere online and listen to it. Every song stands out, is different from any other on this album. This may cause this album to not have common feel as his previous releases had, but still, from all those songs, even rockish ones, the style of our talented boy is visible.

I haven't had the chance to listen to Joanna Wang's album. That's for the next post.
Now I'm expecting a certain someone to comment here.