Tuesday, February 12, 2013

B.A.P. does it again

   I'm still on the fence whether any of them can sing, and all they base on are huge, ribs crushing beats. Nevertheless, there's something that makes me want to replay "Power" everytime I need sudden adrenaline shot (and I don't have any to spare).
They released new MV, almost 7 minutes long that represents what's best in Korean MVs - stories. I wrote about that countless times, Koreans do know how to make MVs.

And B.A.P. well, they have an image to uphold. 
MV is awesome, I really like it, song... well, have to listen to it few more times, it's maybe a grower for me like "Power" was. But what's the funniest - it's the fandoms' reaction, especially B.A.P's fandom where Youngjae is condemned to the worst of hells because... yes, because of the MV. Apparently it was shot in Korea and Philippines, and it's a huge big budget one.
For your information (although you can guess who Youngjae is before the MV ends) - it's the kidnapped guy.
Oh fangirls, you make my life so dazzling. Aww, those cute, immature girls ^^~~

Watch this video in 720p or 1080p, you won't regret, trust me.