Friday, February 22, 2013

Little update

   I'm not dead yet, today I'm really close to it, however.
February is a horrible month for K-entertainment, one of the worsts in few years. And only SHINee shining comeback is actually the beam of light (well, a horrible flowery pajama beam of light, to tell the truth).

   First, it started with news of Im Yuntaek's death, and that's something that made quite big waves in the industry. Of course, anyone who was interested in Ulala Session knew the man was battling cancer, and since it was stomach, well, the chances were in their low (last 2 years two people I knew died from stomach cancer, and I know they suffered horribly). Watching "Beautiful Night" MV will never be the same again.

   Second, industry suffered even bigger blow when Park Shihu was accused of rape. As the case is still fresh, I won't comment because there are already dozens of theories and speculations around starting from whore-shaming and castration demands. We don't know the truth yet.

   What's happening in my industry? Oh well, lots of derpy things, actually. Like last Monday I got up before my time panicking I forgot to prepare an exam for students, so I made it in a speed of light, got myself ready and left in such a hurry I probably left some smoke. I was maybe 10 minutes from my Dept. when I suddenly realized something's wrong. Of course, it was Monday and exam was scheduled to Tuesday... just another day.
Yesterday I bought a watch that - of course - doesn't work. It always happens with electronic thingies in my life that's why I don't buy them. I bought Mike Oldfield CD once, and inside was Nickelback (imagine my horror), I bought a DVD once and there was no DVD inside, bought boombox with broken laser... and the list could go on an on. If you need to spot some broken let's say - mp3 player - just let me chose, results 100% guaranteed.

   Anyway, SHINee made a comeback and even though I'm still hating on the flowery curtain-made pajamas (ups, sorry, suits), I actually like the album. It's definitely different, not having a ballad (I love ballads though), but slightly off the usual shining sounds (which in majority equal crap), not autotuned which I feared the most, but a funky mish-mash of styles (so we even have "WOWOWOW" spin-off that is "Girls Girls Girls" and I bet Jinki loved recording that) heavily 80's influenced. Which this nuna loves, because I'm an 80's girl (just ask my sister, she'll tell you hair-rising stories about her musical Golgotha with me, kkk).

   Plus, I'm listening to tones of Taiwan music, cursing left and right. The tiny isle, twice the size of my city and they dare to produce so many good singers? Where? How??

That's it, need to go^^~~ Voice of Korea2 is calling.