Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Holidays!

   Me and my amazing photoshop skills, uhm, totally unbiased brein wants to wish everybody reading this a Happy and Peaceful Holidays. Spend it with the ones dear to you (laptops included).
I wish you all in next 2013 year more Kpop scandals (oh hay, panda^^), more European tours, more nice albums (or EPs), more derps and herps.
I wish everyone could incorporate a little nonsense from Kpop to yer lives, because nothing helps as much as a bit of idiocy.

   Let's make a wish and maybe this wish comes true.
I know what I wish for in the next year in Kpop (but Santa SMEnt is a bitch, so I may probably go elf myself).

See you next year, lovely people around the globe!