Friday, December 07, 2012

Santa's music

   Right now I have some break between classes so not to waste time, I decided to write few words about music. I listen to tons of music, good, better, great and... well, less good. But I listen no matter what because at least I want to know what I have to trash. One exception, I couldn't listen to The Diva's full album because, afterall, I have some dignity, and as we were taught by Gene Kelly - "dignity... always dignity".

   Finally managed to listen without any disturbance to Casker new release and... I liked what I listened to.
I like their sound, and I have to admit, I was iffy about that electronica sound they had previously, although some songs from the previous album were nice, and I still have a weak spot for single "Scent", for me that's the epitome of Casker - nice wavy sounds yet not all that simple as one may think.
This album is a slow one, no songs with beat or dance feel, but I like it, there are people who don't like ballads, well, good for them (I read one comment of some person who asked if this album is worth listening because she/he hates ballads. If so, well, that's not the droids you are looking for).
OK, "Intro" is dynamic one, true, with Lee Yoong-jin singing as if from the old old vinyl record. That was my impression anyway. "나쁘게" has this PastelMusic-ish background I really like, wierd, but funky. "Wonderful" is upbeat but not aggressive, "Undo" has nice bossa-nova, jazzy sound, yet my favorite song from the first listening is "천 개의 태양". Although I can't say no to "편지" composed in the metrum of waltz (and it's pretty rare now).
In overall - as my friend pointed out, it's wicked, true (hay O.^^). Some songs are typical Casker, some songs are - the hell what's that - type. Now, I need this album, wondering if KpopTown will have it.

Now, Nell also released what is called as single, or rather it's EP, because it has 4 different tracks, I won't fight wars over a stupid nomenclature, it can be a single for what it's worth.
Nell has a very specific sound one either loves or hates. I'm always on the fence with their albums, but this mini I liked. The first one, "The Intro" is an instrumental ambient, reminding me of Explosions in the Sky a little bit, or maybe slightly lighter one - Mogwai. "백야" is the only one dynamic song out of those 4, so those who like faster tempo - go for it. "Holding Onto Gravity" is a mixture of some optimistic beat with weird percussion that somehow breaks the airy feel. And last one, "Blue" has a really weird rhytmic section plus rain sound as the background, and not only in some parts - throughout the full song (you know, like in A-ha's version of "Crying in the Rain" - the thunder and rain at the beginning and ending of the song but not in the middle). I approve of this mini.

   Little to do with Korean music but Soundtrack for Cloud Atlas (yeah, Bae Doona). I read critics were pissing themselves with praise of how great that soundtrack is so I tried it too. And well, it's decent but not outstanding. Tykwer knows how to make the music that doesn't weight over a picture but complements it, yet except for one track, namely "Kesselring", nothing caught my attention strongly enough to remember it. "Kesselring" has hypnotic rhytm and tearing violins towards the end, so I liked it. Plus, the score has lots of borrowings from classical music, and those who like hunting, will recognize them. Under the link above you can listen to the full score.

Have a nice listening^^

I'll be back with more music soon (said with heavy Austrian accent).