Tuesday, December 04, 2012

K-Entertainment Part 5

   The most important event for the past week would be without any doubt MAMA Awards ceremony, beating Oscars in "Length category" even.
Anything else?

Here we go.

1. Celestial Cat is back on twitter!! Praise the Lord Shirtless Shisus for that!!
End of the news.
Meh, OK, some less relevant news follow.

2. Jay Park made waves with his skit on SNL.

3. Clazziquai is back. Haven't listened to the single yet, but have it in plans.

4. Moon Geun-young is one lucky girl. Damn it. You know what I mean.

5. Derpy derp stays derpy. Yes, no one will love him as much as himself. This shining kid really has some issues. Forever relevant within my walls, so bear with that, OK?

6. JYJ and SMEnt ended their 3 years 4 months old feud. Let's see how things will unfold now.

7. Nell released the teaser for upcoming song and MV. Damn you, Woolliment!!

8. Blue Dragon Awards. Winners will be in next post.

9. Not actually stricte K-entertainment, although... I dunno, maybe. North Korean entertainment news - scientists discovered unicorns.

Nanana.. my job is done here... nanana...