Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Fall dramas

   This season is the answer to all of our previous wailing and complaining about too much free time. These weeks and few more to come are on the polar opposite, would be glad to have some time to sleep.
Some may say - why you complain? Then don't watch.
Those who say that never felt the powerful gravitational field of Kdramas. They are like black holes, nothing can escape. Yes, if few years ago someone said this to me, I'd laugh them off.

   I have no idea how this happened. I usually had 2 -3 airing dramas that I was watching, but had time to rewatch some of my favorite ones, or watch older (because I like older Kdramas). Now, no time for this. Only series that started August-September. And tragically funny fact is - there are more to come, hopefully some will soon end.

Some I watch for the plot, like Vampire Prosecutor 2. Namely plot involving Teh Cutie other vampires. The poster says it all: "Cold blood meets bad blood", and this red-eyed vampire is probably the key to the mystery. And some for the fun, music, anger...

First episode of Rascal Sons was funny enough, and since I like the cast, I will probably embark on this long (50eps?) journey just for fun.

Continuing with Faith just for the King and Queen. The rest bores me. Arang and the Magistrate doesn't bore me at all, this is why waiting for Wednesdays is such a pain nowadays. Especially that in latest episodes they revealed few secrets.

The Thousandth Man didn't air last Friday which left me depressed and without any will to live... until Saturday when Five Fingers appeared, of course. What can I say, I love FF because I find almost all of the cast splendid. "Almost" being a crucial world here. 

Nice Guy, after two painfully dragging first episodes, picked up the pace and started up building the characters and intrigue. So, will continue with that. Song Jung-gi is a bonus to that, I admit. As well as Park Si-yeon.  Panda and Hedgehog is nothing but mindless fluff without any clear purpose, so I'm using it as a relax and kill-time while waiting for other dramas.

Haeundae Lovers, I know, series finished, I watched it last weekend, and despite ups and downs in the story, I liked it, in general.
I'm sadly still on ep 35 of Mushin, but damn, have to finish it, have to!!

And just to hit another nail to my real-life coffin - few new period dramas appeared or will start, be it taeha (King's Dream) or sageuk as Great Seer (soon). And since in Horse Doctor that started this Monday I spotted Jun Nomin cameo, I probably just check it as well. Soon-ish.