Monday, October 01, 2012

Dancing Cat

    This is not supposed to be another movie review. I watched Dancing Cat some time ago, both smiling and crying throughout 1.5h of this movie. If anyone expects fluffy little kitties prancing around and chasing after the dot - those aren't the droids you are looking for, move along.
Because this little film is a bitter story.
Oh, but I love sad movies, so...

   Korean celebrities cats don't have an easy life. They are seen as mainly the source of fleas and as the robbers of trashbins. Similar case to that of US' raccoons (but damn, those were really nasty!).
This is why our both narrators say at the beginning of the movie: "Please, love cats".

   The movie itself is composed of two techniques - photos and film, one narrator has one part, the other has another.
Be warned, this is pretty heavy documentary. There was one kitty with horribly broken paw, the narrator said thet the kitty received a surgery on it, but still, not much could be done at this point. And around this kitty another one appeared and after some time, narrator figured out the other kitty acts as a bodyguard.
This poor cat can serve as an example of strong will even to humans, really. This cat didn't give up, he lived despite all odds, being cripple, but lived.

   The other kitty's story is not as heartwarming, though. This one kitty was blind and wasn't even one year old when died killed by a car.
Good thing I watched this movie alone (what a surprising confession though, ekhem), because I started ugly sobbing around 10 minute into the movie.

   I said that few times, I like adult cats. Little kitty is a silly ball of furr and purr, but adult cat displays the full glory (sometimes derpy, but glory nonetheless) of this fantastic animal. I had a friend who said once she liked little kittens. And when I asked what next if they grow up, she responded: I'd threw them. 
Please pay attention, I said "I HAD a friend..."
So yes, some may find this movie not entertaining, but every human being with budding conscience would appreciate the sad reality shown here.
Not pinky hello kitty.

I'd gladly buy tickets to my whole family to watch this movie as some of the income goes to animal shelter. If any movie company decides to sell this indie movie to Europe. Yeah, right...

And all hail this kitty!