Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Junsu blocked

   Grass is green, water is wet, nothing new. So this is what his tweets were about... Now all becomes clear.
Which is kind of weird this comes from SBS, because I thought this is the broadcast that doesn't give a squirrel's tush about such issues. But maybe SBS drama and SBS music show department are different and at war. I dunno.
Fans are praising Junsu for staying positive, but in all honesty and my loving him - was he left with any other choice? He has to stay positive to not go insane. That's all.
But I guess it's the new fad to cut out some best performances lately. Yeah, MBC, you better watch your back, cause I ain't gonna forgive!

[TRANS] The Injustice that Happened to Junsu today :(

I'm gathering this information off of what people are saying in Yuaerubi.

Basically, Junsu had his first official gig as a solo artiste at the 32nd Sports Day for the Handicapped today. They printed his name 시아준수 on the tickets and promoted that he would be performing there.

SBS was covering all the performances and right before ZE:A came on, they introduced the group as the last act and when they were done, they took down all the cameras and packed them away.

After that, Kim Chang Ryeol, one of the MCs for the night, came back on and introduced Junsu as the actual last act of the night. By then, the cameras had already stopped rolling and SBS was done airing the event.

Junsu apparently came on stage with a big smile and said he was so grateful to have been invited to such a wonderful event. He said it was his first official gig as a solo artiste and he was so hapoy to be there. He performed with a big smile on his face and was very energetic.

Fans said that most of the fans there were sobbing because they thought it totally unfair that Junsu had basically been used to bring more people to the event, and then denied the airtime he deserves.

My heart aches for him. It really does. JYJ are human beings too. They have emotions, they hurt, they cry. SBS, KBS, MBC... stop. Haven't you done enough damage to their poor, wounded souls? And our hearts too? We're not indestructible. 

Translation of Junsu's tweets: here by melodiamuse.
picture credit: on the picture.