Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weapon of mass destruction

   In the previous post I gave links to 3 funny fancams. Two are of SuJu's and one BB's. And one doesn't have to be a sociologist to predict a shitstorm that followed the last one, mostly so-called "clash of cultures". Let me just explain myself. I do believe in this clash of cultures, it happened in 19th century when white man came to Pacific islanders who never saw any other people than themselves. I believe in clash of cultures in the middle of 20th century, when the whole world was recovering from WWII and Cold War started shattering old alliances and forming new ones. But I hardly believe in clash of cultures in 2012. 

   The reson is simple - advantage in the knowledge resource. If anyone judges another country by some pieces of random information and calls this-and-this behavior stupid, then it means they are plain stupid in fact. It means they are lazyasses who are too lazy to even open a wikipedia and read simple, short article on something, I don't demand everyone to read normal books, it's damn hard, I know (/sarcasm). Other thing that is still prevalent in most people's thinking frame - judging other culture through the lenses of our own. That's the thinking of 19th century anthropologists and is thought to be extremely out of date and idiotic in 2012. If someone wants to judge another country's culture... well, then wikipedia articles won't suffice, sadly.
In the era when we meet different cultures on our streets even, thinking in categories of superior-inferior shows a horrible lack of any education and thinking (and judging on "some scraps are stupid just because they're different" falls into this category). And even people in remote lands know that there ARE different countries where people speak different languages and they look different. Clash of culture, my ass.

   During SuJu's Philippines concert, fans threw condoms on stage, and some members picked up the joke right away - and literally. Few of them picked up those condoms, stuffed them in plushies and took away. Few days ago a bra was thrown in TOP's direction, but sadly he's not as fun-loving as SJ, so he didn't even move and pretended he doesn't know what just fell. Maybe he doesn't, what do I know anyway?

   And here's the funny part. After what happened to SJ, delusional fangirls were saying: "thanks gods my XX didn't pick them up!!" (partly thanks to the fact he was 50 metres from that part of scene where condom rain took place). Knetizens judged that throwing condoms is part of western culture (because yeah, it happened also in Paris, the city of love... fans were really thoughtful in fact) and this culture is - judged by throwing condoms - disgusting. Yeah, go on knetizens.
Now the same - throwing bras is part of that disgusting, sleazy western culture, being deep below our pure and crystal Asian standards. Throwing condoms was promoting safe sex, a concept quite foreign (nomen omen) to Koreans. The fact whether I approve or not is irrelevant here, it was a joke, it was understood as a joke by some SJ members... and Knetizens failed. As always.

   So yeah, our western culture of attending concert is bad, cause we throw condoms and bras (that shit's expensive, I wouldn't throw it) sometimes panties. Maybe we should follow korean way of showing some fun as a fan?
Then we'd have to send a poisoned food and feed poisoned drink to an idol, break into their house, steal ID number, write letters in menstrual blood, send used tampons and pads, slap our idols in the face and push them off the stairs, chase them through the city, stalk them in hotels, steal their phone numbers, hack their accounts, defecate on their doorsteps, browse through their trashcans, use their towels to leave "body fluids" on them...

   Oh yes, looks like tons of fun, korean way of being a fan is much better than throwing a bra or condoms. At least it wasn't lighting board...