Friday, November 06, 2020

Album Cover Part 3

In this episode - album covers featuring nature. I know, there are lots of those, so I had to do a harsh selection. In addition to first post rules, this one also doesn't feature: humans, Deep Forest albums and SHINee. Why SHINee you may ask? Well, they ARE the natural marvel, so...
Let's start with Dead Can Dance and the album The Serpent's Egg
This is the river, meandering and seen from above. Designed by Vaughan Oliver (with Brendan Perry).

Andreas Vollenweider - Caverna Magica. It's ambient so of course this genre has a specific bias regarding the album covers. But I really, really like this one.

Bluedawn - When The Spring Comes.

Bluedawn is an indie band I listened to a lot some time ago and I like this cover - a sole tree covered in snow and a soft, winter light.

BTOB - Brother Act. It's not every day you find such amazing cover in Kpop. I'd argue it belong to the same category of art covers as SHINee's Odd. Fight me. BTOB has few of good album covers under their name. This is not the physical album cover though. However the physical album cover is also nice, it features the band members and as I said, no humans on the front cover.
And last - Latvian post-rock band Audrey Fall with album Mitau.  It has trees, mist and a valley - everything a girl needs.