Saturday, November 07, 2020

New Taiwan Music 2020

A handful of songs that have caught my attention in 2020. Some were released earlier, but it's been a while I posted anything about Taiwanese music.

Chick en Chicks - 徐志摩
Shen Yu Su - So Fun


獨上C樓 feat. 范曉萱 - YELLOW



荷爾蒙少年 Hormone Boys feat.修齊 - 中華商場1971 (1971 Chung Hua Bazaar)



無妄合作社 No-nonsense Collective - 二十一世紀的破青年 (21st Century Post Youth)

Ado - Mipaliw 換工歌. Ado belongs to the Ami - indigenous people of Taiwan and she sings in her native language.

Tizzy Bac - 穿越光年的孤獨

ABAO - 阿仍仍)【1-10】 feat. Dizparity. Once again, an ethnic minority - this time the singer from Paiwan group. Taiwan has 14 recognized indigenous groups, so it's quite a lot.
Nicky Lee feat. Flowsik - 你懂個屁 You don't know sh*t. Yes this is Taiwan-Korea cooperation. Flowsik still going strong.
Jay Chou - Mojito. It's Jay, he can do whatever he wants. 

And of course, if you thought I would pass this opportunity without linking anything Jam Hsiao related...
Jam Hsiao x JJ Lin - Hello