Thursday, April 23, 2020

KBS Drama Special 2019: Goodbye, B1

As always, a little story, spanning more or less for a month, centered around the moving out. Nothing more trivial, right? And yet, it managed to tell a much wider story just with that premise.

The episode is about saying goodbye to more than an apartment Da-eun lived for 8 past years. She studied hard, prepared for her exam and passed her civil service examination. The story starts at the moment she prepares to move out after finding an apartment closer to the City Hall she will start working at in two months.

Her current apartment is the titular B1 - a semi-basement. So the windows are right at the street level, which sometimes brings kitties, and sometimes drunk guys peeing. She made it cozy and very warm, she has a nice landlady and knows people and places in the neighborhood. It's a hard thing to say goodbye to the place one spent 8 years. However, her commute takes 4 hours a day - she measured this, because she is a well organized lady. She is also a very careful one, because the drama threw us a very, very creepy moment when a guy came over, after 1am and wanted to see the flat she put up for rent, when she refused to open the door he even tried whether the door is unlocked. That was unpleasant, to be honest.

One day she finds 500,000 Won on top of her closet and asks around who could have put it there, but no one seems to remember anything - not her best friend, not her ex-boyfriend, not even the ex tenant (this one is a really weird subplot). So she is unsure should she use it or find its owner to give back.

The first moment that something is not right I had when she called her dad and we heard the actor's voice during the talk. Then I realized that even though Da-eun calls her Mom daily, we don't hear the actress' voice. And when she took a trip to her Parents', it was obvious why - her Mom passed away not so long before after battling dementia.
Turns out, the money was left by her Mom - to use for shoes for her new job, because "good shoes take you to good places".

What happens when Shawols land jobs in drama production
There was a quiet way in which Da-eun broke up with her boyfriend. He was playing on his laptop, she was lying in bed and suddenly, she calmly said they should break up. It was clear they were together because of the habit, she was exhausted, didn't feel he was there in the moment.

She finally said goodbye to both her old life, her apartment, and what's more important - to her Mom. And while leaving the neighborhood in a truck carrying all of her possessions, she finally broke, her suppressed emotions finally found the outlet.

I really understood the emotions of parting with the place you spend 8 years. It becomes familiar, something almost permanent and then you have to uproot your whole life and learn how to get accustomed to a new place. I personally felt it.
And even though it wasn't as emotionally wrenching as the previous installments, it was soft and quiet, to be honest, it was a nice watch.

And you can watch it: