Sunday, April 26, 2020

[Review] Office Watch (2017)

This review will be short because the drama is short. It has only 8 episodes around 6 minutes each which makes around 50 minutes in total.
But it's probably one of the cutest and funniest things I have seen lately. I know there is a second season, a bit longer (slightly over 70 minutes long) and with different cast, but I'm yet to watch it.

The construction is really nice - each episode  depicts one hour at work, its specifics, how people behave and the dynamic among the co-workers. It starts with 08:00 because the work starts at this hour. We have the horrible 3pm - when people just doze off, praying to somehow get through the day :)
The series starts when Jinho tricks Kyeongjun on the first day of work - and turns out Jinho is not a senior but another guy hired into the team. They work at Johnny Walker marketing firm and they plan a new promotional strategy. The team is headed by Team Leader Kim who behaves as any other team leader do - she dumps the work onto her team (mainly Seong-eun here, whom she hates, reciprocated though), sleeps on the work hours, never reads the briefings and reports but credits everything to herself, steals others' work, and pretends to work hard - all so that Director Byeon would be swayed and mesmerized by her.
Director Byeon is actually not better - he never reads briefings and reports, has absolutely no ideas and relies on others and he just "gives OK".

Jinho starts courting Seong-eun and she is quickly smitten with his gentle, funny and direct personality. Kyeongjun is interested in Sara and his reaction when she told him she was a victim of a sexual harassment speaks volumes about his character. Team leader Kim does everything to get Drector Byeon's attention, but...

The main cast is only 6 people, but they have so distinct personalities it makes the watching even more enjoyable. Like Seong-eun - she is a huge EXO fan and unapologetic about listening to the group.
  • Baek Su-Hui - Lee Sa-Ra / Lee Sa-Rang
  • Kang Hoon - Kim Kyung-Joon
  • Seo Dong-Oh - Bin Jin-Ho
  • Jo So-Bin - Park Sung-Eun
  • Jin So-Yeon - Team Leader Kim
  • Kim Sung-Gon - Senior Director Byeon

All the episodes are on YouTube. There's also prologue but it's not subbed.
I enjoyed it very much.