Tuesday, April 14, 2020

BBC Our World: The Trees that Bleed (2020)

This documentary is actually a hard one to watch. It deals with many problems facing Africa as a continent and its particular countries. If you want more insight, go to YouTube (this documentary is there) and read the comments from the people who live there. There is a new colonialism on the rise and yet most people don't seem to see it. Or want to see it.

Anyway, few pictures of the documentary on the rosewood - the sap of the tree is really blood red and it looks like the tree is bleeding. This is also one of the most trafficked species on the planet. The reporter, Umaru Fofana, interviewed some of the illegal loggers, saying it's the fastest way of making money. So they even foray into the protected places. They call the rosewood "The ivory of the forest" and the latest footage was filmed in February 2020 showing a truck full of logs going through busy Gambian street.

The trade is worth 300 millions of dollars. This makes the rosewood the most valuable trafficked species.