Saturday, April 23, 2016

April Music

A handful of music gathered the last month.
Some of those are older though, I simply had no time to write a post.

Let's start with some instrumental duo. Proof that SMEnt has talents. Sorry, haters.

And since we are still in SMEnt and talents, can we just stop for a moment and appreciate how beautiful Ryeowook's video was? I haven't mentioned his solo here, I am a bad fan, I know. However, this time I just couldn't not include this little piece of gem on the list. And Wookie's voice is love, people.

Bernard Park appeared on Ryeowook's Sukira this week and Wookie tweeted the performance in the studio, so here you have it. Disregard the girl's rapping, it's bad. But the song, a known one, is so soothing and nice. Plus, Bernard's voice, a pure caramel...

And something older from Bernard:

I listened, among others, to two relatively new albums: Mogwai - Atomic, and Tricky's "Skilled Mechanics".
As for the first one, it's a soundtrack to the movie about nuclear energy. And while I deem the movie as rubbish, the album is really nice.

Every song's title has something to do with either nuclear physics or subatomic physics, like "SCRAM" meaning an emergency shutdown of a reactor, "U-235" - the fissile isotope of Uranium 238, "Pripyat" - the abandoned, ghost town close to Chernobyl reactor, "Tzar" - the most powerful hydrogen bomb ever made (in USSR, in 1961), the test yield was around 50 Megaton of TNT, "Fat Man" - name of the bomb that was dropped on Nagasaki.

And Tricky, well, the force behind Massive Attack, so I don't have to make any introduction. Well, he did what he does the best - trippy, hypnotic sounds that pull you in and keep until the album ends. There's no escape from this hot, sticky, thick lake of sounds.


PS. I'll be back...