Saturday, June 22, 2013

S. Korean Law System

   I am not a lawyer. Heck, half of the jargon they speak is kind of a foreign language to me. But since we have few dramas now that deal with crime, law or Baksa Adeul... I mean hawt criminals, I went here and there and now I present links and facts about Korean law.

   Well yes, the crime is rampant there, wehehehe.
First thing first, here you have an extensive database regarding South Korean legal system, the historical background etc. 

   Korea is one of five developped democratic countries that use death penalty although it's the only one with moratorium on it (the rest being U.S., Japan, Taiwan and Singapore).

   Here you have Korean National Police Agency official website that provides data regarding crime, mostly statistics, like this one (click to enlarge):

   Here you can read about death penalty debate.

And now, the numbers:
Life imprisonment in South Korea: yes
Minimum to serve before eligibility to request parole: 10 years or never
Maximum length of sentence (other than life): none
Indefinite sentence (excluding preventive or psychiatric detainment): none
Mandatory sentence: High treason, robbery (rape) with deadly outcomes, arson, murder of relative, etc. 
Possible other sentences: Counterfeiting or falsification of currency
Under age of 21: Maximum 10 years (for certain violent crimes 20 years)
Pardon, amnesty: By President and requires agreement of National Assembly
(source: various wikipedia articles regarding S. Korean law system)

How cute is that, huh?
Robo-guard patrols South Korean prison... Read more at:
Robo-guard patrols South Korean prison, because there are few models.

Anchor pic from here.

Robo-guard patrols South Korean prison... Read more at: