Sunday, June 02, 2013

Liebster Award - Coming Out Time!

   This kind of thing is perfect for nourishing the bonds between people, especially that we meet every day, talk about (almost) everything, we even know what kind of risotto we prefer and whether we drink tea with sugar or not. This gesture is another stamp on the relationships.
We like similar things or we hate them, but we still stick together despite our differencies, which makes the group of people so interesting.

   I am a very laconic person if I have to (oh, yeah? You forgot your SKKS reviews, you wench!) so this may dissapoint few people. Also, as we know each other for years now, I don't think I can say what others don't know, but let's try.

The rules state:
1. Who nominated you? - point the culprits!
2. State 11 random facts about yourself. (exhibitionism, here I come!)
3. Answer the questions of people who nominated you.
4. Make them pay Write your own nominations for the Awards.
5. Ask your own questions (preferably in Latin).
6. Notify the people that they have been graced by the Award worth more than their peasant lives.

1. Who nominated me?

Kakashi ruling over Problematic of the Unproblematic - an awesome (and a bit crazy) lady from a country called Europe fangirling in her spare time and rescuing the world's security at nights.
Orion a.k.a. Lovechild of KDW and LBS - a celestial haunter huntress who somehow manages to put up with me all these years. Since she likes to be hugged I'm sending her a virtual hug.^^

2. State 11 random facts about yourself

1. I can't swim. I probably have aquaphobia of some kind. Although I love bubbly baths. Preferably with some hottie...
after 2 hours of delusional fantasies...

2. My first contact with Asia was when I was 13 (or 14) and watched Rashomon. My first contact with Korea was later, in 1999, when my idiotic friend couldn't distinguish between Korean and Japanese letters and bought me a Korean music magazine. Go figure who was in it.

3. I value music and books above all. Every drama/movie could be lost and I could not give a flying hamster about it. However a scratch on a CD can put me in a comatose state. That's why I don't borrow or lend albums.
Also, I don't really care in what language the lyrics are. After all, people love opera and they understand a zero out of it as well. Except for Italians.

4. My favorite writers (among dozen of others) are Thomas Hardy, Akutagawa Ryunosuke and Ursula Le Guin. 

5. I'm very, rabidly protective and possessive. I almost beat up guys who bullied my sister once. I just terrorized them. If I claim someone as "mine", I go few extra parsecs to protect them. This way, easy to figure out - I like violent movies too.

6. I studied Chemistry/Physics (because we had equal amount of it at the beginning). I'm probably some was-meant-to-be laboratory rat.

7. I was drawing a lot but left it 6 years ago. Slowly coming back to it.

8. I like dancing a lot. During studies me and one awesomest (not on twitter, little bitch!) friend of mine were the stars of parties and were asked how much we take per hour (shameless bragging). I also love watching dancing people and it's hard for me to keep still while listening to music. I can dance to almost anything - from Largo et Factotum to church bells. This way I love musicals.

9. My favorite flowers are: iris and freesia.

10. I like meringues, lolipops and mint-flavored anything.

11. I fell for Dino on December 13, 2008.

That was supposed to be random, right?

3. Answer the questions of people who nominated you

1. What kind of posts do you wish you had more of in your blog or what kind of topics do you wish you talked more about and what is stopping you from doing it? (Orion)
Posts that make sense. Lack of time and cruel real life hinders this noble purpose.

2. Say you had a ticket like the one in 'Last Action Hero'. Which 5 kdrama moments would you enter and be a part of (without changing them)? You can choose movies. (Orion)
1. Snow fight in Loveholic.
2. actually have no idea because I have never thought about it. Have to announce I'm screwing this question up.

3. Which type of kdrama male lead/boyfriend or female lead/girlfriend do you choose? What kind of Prince/ss Charming do you go for? I'm talking character, not looks. (Orion)
I like normal characters, they may seem boring, but they don't have paranoia inducing tendencies and split personalities. Like Mucheol from Breathless (drama) or Kangwu from Loveholic. Protective tendencies tend to talk to me the most, I guess. Not possessive jerks, but protective (to the point of sacrificing sometimes).

4. Since most of us try not to swear much when we blog, but swearing is part of my culture and even way of expressing love, give me your 5 favorite/most used swear-words. You can use stars to keep it clean. :P (Orion)
A damn f*cking lady does not swear, you sh*tty, wh*ring little d*ckhead!

5. Kakashi asked to describe favorite drama in 140 characters.
My favorite is predictable, not the best acted, but an honest, pure, awesome love story going full tangled circle through redemption and pain.

4. My nominations

Since I probably can't nominate those who nominated me, some others in no particular order.

@Viande - I'm half-alive when she's not around!
@jubies33 - words can't describe how much I appreciate we're friends.
@JoAnne - for appreciating Dino and being awesome lady!
@ayesnoona - she takes the fangirling to the whole new level.
@Mystisith - never tiring, never sleeping machine. The Force is strong with this one.
@ripgal86 - for stating her own mind.
@Arakira - you know I love you, my soulmate. Beyond words.
@Midducci - because we all need some cool, sane lady among us.
@Resie - a fellow C-drama lover who's always there helping.
@Darynrose  - her randomness is outstanding, her talents are intimidating!
@Maddie - an unbearable cuteness and lively persona.
@JoannaMalita - one awesome girl infecting everyone with books.
@keiko1981 - we share many, many things and for her patience and calm/
@Issy - for patient understanding and dealing with such horrible me.
@Alexe - for being there for me when I need it.
@Agne - for sharing same fiercely intensive interest in glamour of Diva and for her wits.
@Mari  - we share music!
@Luiza - who else would bring us so much squee and cutie and movies?
@JeliesS - for bringing out the freshness of youth.
@Arawni  - because frogs need love too.

Kakashi  and Orion are nominated as well^^ The hell with rules!

Two honorable mentions, although I know they will never answer, but they make my life bright, shining, beautiful, worthwhile, profound and calm:

5. Own question
My questions will be music ones.
1. What song/piece describes you the best? 
2. Is there a song you can listen for hours without being bored? Why?

Thank you very much.