Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cruel Palace Off The Chest

   Except for Monstar this drama became the one I check the subs for the most often. We are after 26 episodes and drama is scheduled to 50, so that makes us sitting right in the middle of the events. There were few episodes I felt a bit boring, but in overall, I'm enjoying this series a lot. Apart from 2 ladies on twitter no one seems to watch it (among my friends of course, not talking about the whole twitterverse) and I just comment for the sake of commenting, me seems. 

   I even considered the thrilling thought of recapping it but then I remembered that I'm not very fond of recaps.

   Episode 26 ended with King Injo throwing the imperial seal at his son, Prince Sohyeon. Yes, you read that right, his damn son. As if it was ever anything of any concern inside the Korean royal court...
But here comes the funny twist - Prince (whom I loved when reading history books) actually died after being hit with an imperial seal his father, the Idiot King Injo, grabbed and threw at his direction and apparently our lovely Prince didn't want or couldn't duck, taking it with this resigned dignity that's overflowing in him.
Injo hated his son and heir to the throne because Prince Sohyeon went voluntarily to Ching' court as a hostage. But what dumbass Injo can't see is the subtle fact his son has done it to protect his father from more humiliation.

   Also, Korean court at this time (well, as in every damn time during Joseon) regarded even foreign threat in matters of particular interests and wellfare. Gwanghaegun, the previous King who was overthrown and stripped of even royal title (no wonder, he went all sadist and homicidal maniac) was able to keep the delicate balance between falling Ming Dynasty, new Manchu power and domestic factions. After the coup staged by Kim Ja-jeom, Injo became a King, owing his position to few powerful men, he knew that and they knew that. In 1636, Hong Taiji invaded Joseon and using Manchu's favorite tactics of war that is "burned ground" swept the peninsula and demanded Injo to bow down before him nine times as a means of his servitude. Injo did it with hatred he hardly concealed. His two eldest sons went to Qing court.

   In 1644 both Princes returned. In drama, there is no much love between them as younger Prince Bongrim wants to claim back the northern territories which Joseon lost forever during Manchu invasions, while older Prince Sohyeon wants to modernize the country and make reforms. However, making reforms requires some people to give up their possessions or status and as we just learned, NOTHING could stand between greedy men of Joseon and their goal. Nothing and no one. Prince Sohyeon died on May 21st 1645 in pretty murky circumstances, few people suspected poison and demanded proper investigation of the cause of death. Among them was his wife, Princess Minho, determined and brilliant just as her husband. However, Injo ordered the quick funeral and after that accused Princess Minhoe of treason and executed her.

   Although episode 26th didn't have even a second of Nam Hyeok, I wasn't bored at all (well, he's not doing anything interesting lately too, to be perfectly frank). Many things happened. We got to know about two brothers relationship. And of course our Sohyeon doesn't see how twisted his brother has become. Sohyeon is too honest and too trusting. Himself being a brilliant and quick learner, he perceives other people as similar beings. However his tolerance and understanding towards Western science, religion, achievements and also Manchu culture as well, does not resonate within Joseon court, self-centered and narrow-minded ministers. Injo is an idiot. Or maybe I'm insulting idiots actually.

Bitch bitch bitch bitch super kamehameha biiiiiiiiyatch!

   Yam Jeon sways her power without problems now. She's quick and has vast net of spies and news. Oh, and she got the news Hyeok is alive but confidently says he wouldn't hurt her. She's putting her faith in the fact they had kid together, however their daughter was switched for some farmers' boy because the bitch wanted to clutch Injo with the male offspring.
Until recently Injo's second official wife supported Princess Minhoe, but after some turmoil caused by this snake vixen Yam Jeon, she seems to be drifting apart from the royal pair. Episode 26 was depressing in this aspect it showed clearly how solitary Royal Pair is. Everyone who supported them is now turning their back on them simply because of their vision to make the country better.
Did I mention I hate Yam Jeon?

Oh, and Hyeok might like to reconsider the way he executes his revenge. Without such trifles like maybe getting slashed again!!

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