Thursday, May 23, 2013

Short music news

   I'm not doing a proper review. I never did. Lately I've been reading some books and articles on structure, anthropology and culture of popculture (focusing on music, damn I'm rhyming) so I know I'm not a proper critic. However I really like to talk about music, about what moved me, what didn't and why Jonghyeon is a supernatural being.
Well, OK, no Jjong in this post but... (in Minho's voice) he's back!

   Due to real life things, I couldn't write and I couldn't even listen to any new releases which was, as you probably guess, quite stressful for me. This week however, after sometimes months of bad news - is radiant. This week is the best week of 2013 as for my RL things (plus Jjo... nevermind). So I had a happy listening and I'm reporting now what I have listened just now.

Junsu for Mandate of Heaven:

You know them critics always criticized Junsu's low notes, I wasn't the fan as well, but since he started to do musicals more seriously and profoundly, I feel his low notes went better and better. His voice is incredible. Like it or not, one has to admit Junsu can sing.

   I have a long relationship with Yun Dohyeon, be it his solo projects or YB ones. His music shows are one of the best, and those who watched MUST, probably know that it changed the concept, now it's MUST: Band Generation - to invite bands to perform. 
I miss his Love Letter which I find one of the best music shows of all times and continents.

The next one is not new, and for all who are not familiar with pansori, quite difficult and even unpleasant. Ali, our beloved lady Ali sings pansori here from Chunhyang-ga, accompanying herself on janggu (hourglass drum). So we can all follow Yu Heeyeol's gaze and just stare at her with awe.

After Kim Taewu proclamed himself the best singer in Korea, I went "aw hell naw", but I know he can sing and I actually post a lot of his music. Is he good? Definitely yes. Is he the best? Definitely not. Not for me. The One Who Can't Be Named is the ONE, sorry.

Kim Tae Woo (김태우) - Goodbye (굿바이) [Hitman Project #4]

I have still 4Men, Lee Hyori, Kim Gwangseok, Vib albums to listen to, so more music news ahead tomorrow.

Enjoy those above^^