Sunday, March 28, 2010

Asian Music

And why Delispice Bombom  as a picture tag? The answer is simple. Because they are the best. This album is the best. My commitment is so deep I'd ordered their albums from Korea. Everything written below is based on my personal preferences and taste, not everyone has to agree.
And I guess it won't.

It's not like I stopped listening to Western music, no. I still listen to Queen, Placebo, Mike Oldfield, and few others I don't have the need to name here. But since I started to learn Korean, I've been listening to Korean music. And since I came back to my natural senses after a long period of hibernation, and I'm loving Japan anew... no, wait, scratch that, I don't actually listen to Japanese music that much.
The main difference is that I find Korean language more suitable to singing than Japanese, it's more rhytmic.
Secondly, Korean sing a lot better. Not everyone and not in every case, mind you. But it's not like I'm new to J-music and I know nothing. The adventure with Japan has been going on for over 15 years, so picture our relationship to yourself. It's a love-hate relationship.
I did listen to Japanese music long time ago.

Deli Spice: the best so far in Korean music industry. Maybe I have the mixed feelings about their first album (funny thing, the first albums are either funny or awesome. Deli Spice's and Placebo's are the first genre^^), but in overall - I love them.
YB: I like Coexistence as a whole, but "Letter" is my favorite song from the album. He sings simply marvellously.
W&Whale: the musical imagination of W, and the voice of Whale. Perfect combination. As I mentioned in some earlier post, I'm hooked.
Loveholic: I liked the voice of Jisun and the texts. So touching. But I like Loveholics, without her also. Dramatic and Cinematic is my favorite album.
Bang Jun Seok: I wish he would record few albums. He has a great voice, one of the best in the music industry, not only Korean one. And sensivity, imagination. Yes, one of my first Korean artists ever.
There are also few others, and dozens of artists I like to listen, like Jang Keunsuk (he's not a professional singer, so I didn't include him on the list, although he sings better than some professionals, heh), Yoon Sang Hyun, Lee Soo Young, Han Sung Min, and many others...

Hm, I really enjoy the voice of Sakamoto Maaya, and compositions of Kanno Yoko.
I like few other songs by Otsuka Ai, Utada Hikaru, now Flumpool, Amuro Namie, and I have something for Arashi even though I don't like this kind of music. Oh, well, some of their songs are really good. The funny thing is, they can perfectly blend their voices into one. That's nice.

The same goes for G-Dragon and BigBang. I don't like dance music, I don't like hip hop and over-pop. That is why I can't distinguish among girl groups and boy bands. Really. To me they all look alike and sing alike. Sorry. But sometimes I listen to Heartbreaker or brainwashing Lollipop (1 and 2), or Epic High.

OSTs and soundtracks are for different topic. I will write on it when I get more free time. What I'm writing now is more likely drafting something than writing on a professional level, hehe.

The same goes for MV.
Lady GaGa made a new video. The same montage I saw a year ago in Korean videos. I think the time of Western domination in MV ended, and now artists learn from Asian music videos.