Thursday, May 21, 2020

BBC South Pacific 5/6: Strange Islands (2009)

In this episode we got: a kangaroo that lives and thrives on the treetops, a white bird with deep amber-red eyes, the method of fishing involving a spider's web, a tuatara - a reptile that lives very very slowly (can take one breath per hour), a festival involving pig debt on Vanuatu (I need to read more about it, it's fascinating and I already have found the book that, I hope, can mention that: Living Kinship in the Pacific (Pacific Perspectives: Studies of the European Society for Oceanists) [Christina Toren, Simonne Pauwels]) and a penguin.

Here they are:

This is dingiso. It lives on the trees. It's a kangaroo.

It's kagu. A bird with wings that doesn't fly.

This is tuatara