Friday, May 29, 2020

2020 Sageuk

This is a list of expected or rumored sageuks in 2020. Some may not start this year because we are in the middle of pandemic, but I tried to compile a list of every sageuk drama I know of that is scheduled for the second half of the year.

Giin (기인) 
Period: Joseon
Plot: The drama is about an oddball who seeks his own fortune with the media in the Joseon period. He pairs up with a former nobleman's daughter who turns into a slave to fight Jo Jung and reveal the truth about him. (after Hancinema
Now, I wouldn't be too keen on that, as news about it has been circulating around since 2018. No news on Naver.
Cast: Mun Chaewon 
Now, this been on the news for 2 years, so I'm not putting much stock into it, given that Mun Chaewon is having a drama upcoming with Jungi, so...

Snowy Sun
Seolguk-ui taeyang (설국의 태양)
Period: late Joseon, pre-Occupation
Plot: The drama evokes the spirit of love between the country and the nation of Ahn Jung-geun, a young man who went through a turbulent period of enlightenment between the late 1800s and the early in the 1900s. (after Hancinema
[side note: Ahn Jung-geun assassinated Ito Hirobumi at the railway station in Harbin in 1909, which just gave Japan the perfect excuse for the Annexation the next year. Korea remembers him as the hero, meanwhile in Japan he's labeled as a terrorist. True story.]
Cast: Kim Kangwoo 
Naver news: here. Apparently, a really pricy drama.

Danjong, The Young King
Danjong, eorin gunju (단종, 어린군주)
Period: Joseon
Plot: as there's no official plot, let me tell you this: Danjong is one of the most tragic characters in Korean history. A son to King Munjong (who died early) was deposed by Prince Suyang during his coup, banished and later executed at the tender age of 17. 
It's gonna be fun. Said no one ever.
No further news.

Queen Cheorin
Cheorin wanghu (철인왕후)
Period: Joseon
Plot: It is set in the Joseon Dynasty where a wild man soul was trapped in the palace and in the body of the Queen. It tells the roller coaster story of him who was reborn in the Queen CheoRin's body and CheolJong the representative Cinderalla Man of Joseon. (After MyDramaList)
More about the real Queen Cheorin.
Cast: Kim Jeonghyeon, Shin Hyeseon
Scheduled to air November on tvN. Same PD as: King's Face, Hwarang, Gaksital. Very mixed feelings now.
News here.
Moon That Rises At Midday
Naje tteu-neun dal (낮에 뜨는 달)
Period: Three Kingdoms, Silla Kingdom
Plot: A man whose time has stopped, and a woman who flows like a river. Story about strife that comes and goes in the past and in the present. (after webtoon plot)
Adapted from a webtoon

Joseon Exorcist
Joseon gumasa (조선구마사)
Period: Joseon (?)
Plot: "Joseon Exorcist" is a story based on the assumption of exorcists of the West and the revival of the undead during the founding of the Joseon Dynasty. (after Hancinema)
Cast: Jang Dongyun
Broadcast station: SBS (article)

Dress Sleeved Red
Ossomae bulg-eun kkeutdong (옷소매 붉은 끝동)
Period: Joseon
Plot: about King Jungjo and his relationship with the Royal Consort Ui.
Adapted from the novel.

Picture from this Daum profile

There's also rumor about Kingdom season 3, so...