Friday, June 30, 2017

[First Impression] Fight My Way

I came here looking for fluff and fluff has been found, albeit with the bitter aftertaste. And this "first impression" is a downright lie - I watched all episodes available, that is 10. Or make it 12 right now.
The main story is not about some chaebol, for which I will be eternally grateful. Main characters struggle with money, own weaknesses and stupidity (yes, I'm looking at you, Juman!). There is something ringing very true in this drama - the pursuit of dreams and whatever the happiness is made of. But there is also something touching - friendship.

Romance between main characters, albeit really nice, fluffy, so far without much drama is counterbalancing all the crazy that happens around them. Dongman realized he still has a dream, so after 10 years he started to pursue this, with the silhouette of Taksu looming over his horizon; a guy who actually ruined Dongman's taekwondo future. Their match was set - Dongman's sister was in the hospital and the payment for her surgery was made, putting Dongman in the very spot - he did not know about this beforehand, but when he learned the truth, he swallowed his pride and threw his sportsmanship ethics just so his sister could walk again. And he had no place in sports as someone who accepts bribes to fix the game. He awakes and starts to take what's his. That also extends to his personal life - for years his life has been sabotaged by Hyena Hyeran, who treated him like an evergreen safety net - she was dating left and right but after each of her affairs ended, she pleaded "oppa take me back". And stupid oppa fell for that every time. Up until he regained the control over his life, his goal and his feelings.

Aera was stuck in the job she didn't like, but lot of us have been there - we've done work we didn't like, were not proud of, but something has to pay the bills, so you do it. And she needed also a push to leave her work despite being humiliated. Two things coincided - her horrible encounter with Mubin, a hate-child of a slimy slug and amoeba along with Hyena's comeback. So now Aera has a dream as well - she reached deep down and realized that being the announcer in the cage during the UFC competitions is something short of an awesome experience.

And then we have a relationship between Seol and Juman that at the beginning of the series goes strong - they even manage to sneak a kiss or hug at the office. But then seven-year itch rears its head and they slowly disintegrate. Juman, even though he genuinely is a good man, has absolutely no will to say "go to seven hells, you leech!" to the new, young intern, who has a crush on him. This situation mirrors the beginnings of Seol and Juman's relationship - and we get few scenes that show that Yejin's crush is the same as Seol's once was. And during an awesome and poignant talk with Yejin at the cafe, Seol relinquishes her all claims to Juman, with whom she initiated the breakup earlier. She says that she has no power to stop Juman if he's swayed by Yejin, and she reminds her that their relationship lasted 6 years and they have plenty of wonderful memories. And she wants Yejin to remember that Juman will always remember the time spent with Seol (unless a cross-over with Circle happens, then it's not that sure...). The final drop that made the bowl of Seol's bitterness, abandonment and uncertainty overflow was when Juman spent the night at Yeti Yejin's house, even though nothing happened. For Seol the infidelity was in his mind and heart, not pants.
And Seol, who always wanted to be a mother and a wife, has to piece back her life and start anew. And I hope the writers plan to do something nice for her.

The gang, four musketeers, is the main core of this drama. Their friendship is the skeleton around which the action is built. Every life they touch and grab into their own sphere does not remain untouched. Some are even kicked :)