Thursday, October 20, 2016

Throwback Thursday Part 11

The year is 1989. You may ask why and this would be a good question given my randomness in picking up years (before it was 1979 and 1993 respectively). However obscure, there is always a reason for my choosing a certain year.
But I won't say cause I'm all mysterious...

The year 1989, one of many wonderful years of even more wonderful 80's gave us such gems as below:

Kylie Minogue & Jason Donovan - Especially For You

Madonna - Express Yourself. The album is from 1988, however the MV was released in march of 1989. Probably one of my Top 5 from Madonna ever.

Tears For Fears - Sowing The Seeds Of Love

Milli Vanilli - Girl You Know It's True. You won't believe how hard it was to choose from, I think 4 singles from this year.

Fine Young Cannibals - She Drives Me Crazy

Roxette - The Look 

Warrant - Heaven

Tina Turner - Simply the Best

The Cure - Lullaby. With no doubt the best song from The Cure, in my opinion. That bass.

Robin Beck - The Very First Time

Kaoma - Lambada

From the YT description: ""The Hoff"... The Man, The Myth... The American Treasure". I present you: David Hasselhoff - Looking for Freedom

Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus. Released as a single in August of 1989.

And since any list from the 80's without a particular band is invalid, fear not, there is a song of theirs from the 1989!
Bon Jovi - Lay Your Hands On Me. The album is from 1988, but the single and MV was released in 1989 (I think in August).