Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Handful of music

   In the previous post about Taiwan music, I mentioned the new album of Anthony Neely and now I am after listening to it. The opinion? Sadly, the album is nothing special. If it wasn't for Neely's rich voice, I wouldn't even be bothered to listen to it. OK, I lied, I would, because I listen to a lot of albums. But it's nothing memorable, that's it.
OK, back to some more music.

   Jay Chou and Gary Yang released EP 黃俊郎的黑 that is entirely instrumental. Not even that, it's just piano and strings, and I admit, it was a pleasure to listen to this cooperation. It's not their first, to be precise, some of you probably know 月光 . If not, here it is:

   JiaJia's full album 为你的寂寞唱歌 is another pleasant listening. The album is a medley of styles and tempo. Starting from ballad, then we have nice soulful waving, then 不置可否 - a song that will take you under palms where you can sip piña colada. And after that a fast-tempo song, followed by ballad again.
She's called Asian Adele, but I think it causes both women more harm than good. Yes, both are size plus, both are great vocals, but if I had to choose, I'd go for JiaJia because she's not as suffocating.

   My companion in fangirling reminded me to check Yoga Lin, and unfortunately I did. I spent two days browsing through songs and albums. Thanks a lot for ruining my days, M.!

   My only complaint regarding the movie for which the MV is done? Making Ethan kiss like a damn kdrama lead. We know the man can kiss, dammit!

Rumble Fish returned and it was rumored she will do a choreo during live performances. Yep, she did.

 2BiC came back as well with what they do best - emotional ballad.  Somehow they avoid crossing the line between emotional and hysterical as it sometimes happened to 4Men.

 And last, but not least, uri duck... I mean Junsu.

Mainly because I like to torment some people out there, kkk...

You probably noticed I didn't put GaIn's new MV here. For the good reasons.