Friday, February 07, 2014

Two songs from Blue Night

   I know no one in the whole Galaxy will take this seriously when I say I find Blue Night, objectively speaking, a nice radio show. Jonghyeon being the host has absolutely nothing to do with this. Have no idea where people get this notion.
He prepares some nice music, and as everybody (every every body) could suspect, most of these songs are ballads, R'n'B and the likes.
Today's program taught me one name and I have to thank uri DJ for introducing one name to me.

Yesterday he spazzed about Pharell Williams and today he played Nelly Pooping Furtado with this song, but I will forgive those, he's still young, although as he complained one day, "OMG, I'm 24!". Wanted to smack those deli... nevermind.

Ray LaMontagne - somehow the existence of this guy escaped me completely, but after today's show, I'm going to stalk spotify and listen to all of his.
This is the song uri DJ presented:


And the second one, also from today's show: Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John - Belle and Sebastian feat. Norah Jones:

 In case anyone wants, although I wasn't thrilled as much, today was also played a song by Sean Lennon called Parachute. Personally, I don't like his singing but it's maybe just me.

Here you can track all songs that were played during all his shows thus far. No, I'm not obssessed, I'm just thorough.