Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sharkey Updates

   Seeing Namgil-nim being called ajusshi is not the reality I wanted, to be perfectly frank. That makes me ajumma and I refuse to be one. I'm a kickass nuna, thankyouverymuch. 

    I thought I may share few resources since I'm quite busy/lazy and don't update with every pic that is released or video.
From what I was reading, this is thought as the third installment in "revenge trilogy" along Resurrection and Mawang. With me, liking/loving aforementioned dramas, I'm officially psyched up for this.

The longer (42 sec) teaser:

And second teaser (45 sec):

And now few websites you may want to know (a subtle suggestion, people):
Shark Facebook
Kim Namgil Facebook Fanpage
Soompi madness

KBS doesn't have the page yet.


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His Taiwan fanbase is really awesome.