Sunday, May 12, 2013

M is for May Music!

   Finally listened to Younha's new album. The artwork of the cover is some basic photoshop and it kind of put me off, because I don't quite like those clouds and blending with face on the Moon. Because as we all know, there can be only one face on the Moon.

   Moving on, I'm not a big Younha fan, I admit, but I appreciate her efforts to include some rock, some soul and even some ambient traces to her tracks.
This is the title track, featuring rap by SKULL, and weirdly enough for me, I like it. Maybe because of strong beat going on through the song. The song reminds me however of few other songs, I don't whine about it. And after the beginning of SKULL's part we get what's fairly rare in Kmusic nowadays - part of bassist show-off. Really nice bass line.

My second (and last) fav song from the album is the second track on the album called "Fireworks". It has some weird tempo.

   Leaving Younha, one song from my most admired show lately, that is Voice of Korea 2. Song from this Friday's broadcast.
김현지 - "바보처럼 살았군요" Kim Hyeonji, known also as SoulQuin. And this "Soul" is audible, visible and touchable.

   Soulciety (소울사이어티) is an R'n'B and soul project group and according to one facebook page: Since its first release in 2005, many musicians (e.g. 박정은, Amin.J, Boni (신보경), Heritage, Mbrica (윤재경) MC Meta, Mild Beats, Soulman (강태우), or etc.) has devoted to make such soulful and groovy musics for Soulciety (소울사이어티).
Now I present my two fav tracks from the second album "Diamonds". The first one, Jamin' lays heavily on drum'n'bass and you can actually watch the recording of this line here.

The second one is instrumental Loose.

    And last but definitely not least is  Kim Yoon Ah (from Jaurim) - 유리가면 (琉璃假面)/Glass Mask
This is a weird album, I swear. It's stylized to pre-War Oriental swing and tango you can hear in every movie dealing with that mysterious Shanghai. It's probably the weirdest album I've listened to since Joanna Wang's The Adventures of Bernie the Schoolboy (2011).

With my favorite being Melancholia.

Thank you and hope you'll enjoy^^