Saturday, February 20, 2010

More... jdrama?

OK, as my obsession is growing, I'm going to post more links to jdrama torrents. First, Smile (2009). I can't actually say anything yes, since today I've just seen first episode. I haven't read the reviews ( I trust only one reviewer, I.^^), but I can be sure that japanese reviews weren't that good. Why? The reason is simple.

Japanese still have problems with other nationalities inside. I'm not going to speak about Korean minority which is the largest (0.5% of total), because there are lots of essays and articles on that topic, also movies which shine a light on the problem. Japanese do not feel comfortable with strangers. I'm not going to slam anyone, in a place where I live now, there is still xenophobia and racism (sometimes well hidden though), and I'm not a random person who knows Japan from dramas/anime/2-weeks visits. I have a lot of Japanese friends, I studied few years in Japanese Studies Institute, I'm pursuing my research still. It's not like I want to brag or anything, but I have the right to speak.
A friend of mine, who is half-Korean, half-Japanese, told me she never felt accepted in Japan, that is why she moved to Busan.
The idea of one nation is still strong in Japan. Many can deny it because this is not a "nice side" we want to show to the outside world, but darker, uglier side of humanity and nationality.
Hm... maybe I should write an essay on it?

The drama itself deals with one guy of Filipino-Japanese roots. He is constantly under the "big eye" of society he lives among. In his youth he was involved in gang fights, so he was labeled. The situation gets a twist when he is framed in possession of drugs.
Oh my, this is not typical drama, this I can tell from the start. I hope it would turn out good. Matsumoto kun's acting has really improved. (well, I liked him beforehand, that is why I started to watch it, thank you I.^^).
This drama (I hope) can serve as an anthropological example (sorry, I'm a little bit too involved with my studies, and everything I look at I filter with it).
Download link to batch:

Smile 01 - 11 704x396(STORMY team sub).torrent