Friday, February 12, 2010

Ekhem... jdrama

Yes, I arrived in a place so desolated that I have to find something to entertain myself, and since it bothered me for some time, I have to vent. So I'll write this and leave, preparing myself for tomorrow. Eh, life...

OK, not much to say, but thanks to some friendly soul (yes, I. you^^), I was introduced to jdrama, and actually I like it. Not everything, and not immediately, but...

I will not shift from kdramas, as they have stronghold in my heart and mind, but most definitely I will give a way to something new. As for now, my favorite is (and first, to be honest, recommended by Issy^^) Kimi wa petto (君はペット). I liked the story and two main leads. The supporting cast was so-so, but the chemistry between those two was incredible^^
And the second one is Million Stars Fall from the Sky (空から降った一億の星).
Still, I've seen also both seasons of 花より男子. And since I didn't like the Korean version, I was against it. Still, if I have to compare, I think besides Domyouji and Makino, I liked Korean cast better (ah, yes, Jan Di, who was getting on my nerves, but nevermind, as well as Kim Hyun Joong, I don't get all this craze about him, he was wooden). Kim Jun was my favorite from all F4, what can I do? I changed my mind. I LOVE Japanese one.
But my heart fell helplessly also for Hanzawa Rui (Oguri Shun^^), who was played in an incredibly silent yet powerful way. You can call it autistic.
KHJ, your version just annoyed me throughout the drama. Sorry.

Yes, I know, the first drama is from 2003, and the second one not so new either (as well as 花より男子), but I just started.

Just to be sure: Coffee Prince is the best drama EVER. Period.